Eco Flips, a summer essential

If we asked you of a childhood memory of buying footwear, many of you would recall these words- “Bhaiyya comfortable toh hai na” or “Hope they will be comfortable.” We see that smile on your face.

But, if you think of it, nothing much has changed since then, and somewhere comfort still tops the list of features when buying a footwear.

Since we went through the exact drilling, we designed Neeman’s Eco Flips, keeping this same feature our core. We further took inspiration from nature and made them feather-light and added our dash of vibrant colours that reminded us of our natural surroundings—for instance, blue for the sky, grey for the pebbles, etc.

But, that’s not all; we added a few more features that make Eco Flips a summer essential for indoor and outdoor wear. So, let’s get started-

  • Comfort

Slippers have to be comfortable, period. So, to give your feet that utmost ease, we made our Eco Flips lightweight and super soft. The ergonomically designed flips have a cushiony footbed that adapts to every foot in an instant. So, whether you wear them for the first time or continuously for months, whether you use them as home slippers or party slippers, the sole will provide you with the same delicate yet spongy touch to give you that barefoot light feel.

comfortable neemans eco flips slippers

  • Durability

In summers, many people prefer to wear home slippers all day long. This also means that sturdiness is a factor that is non-negotiable when buying flip flops. For that, the Eco-Flips are ideal as it’s made of natural rubber, which is inherently durable. Hence, rest assured once you get them, they will last! But don’t wear them for strenuous walks or activities. Any open slipper is not crafted for that purpose, and it can cause injury.durable neemans eco flips
  • Anti-Skid

Our Eco Flips are created to be worn anywhere from inside the home to an outside pool party. Therefore, making our stylish flip flops anti-skid was vital. To ensure that, we designed the flips a bit rounded on the sides. The toughness of the outsole also adds to the safety net layer, if you trip. Furthermore, the strap made of earth-friendly materials is robust to enhance the grip and give additional protection.

 neemans flip flop slippers for men

  • Eco friendly

If it’s Neeman’s, then it has to be eco-friendly. We make our flip-flop slippers with natural rubber, recycled compounds and natural oils. A precise blend of these materials and the right design forms the most comfortable slipper with less carbon footprint.
neemans comfortable slippers for men


The aesthetically constructed Eco Flips are a must-have pair for the summers. The all-day support, breathability and comfort are packaged neatly with your colour of choice and delivered to your doorstep.

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