4 Tips to buy shoes online

There is something that connects shoes, coffee and fine dining food? A weird trio to have anything in common, right? 

But there is - all three were never thought of as purchase items for the online world.

Although things have changed, and so has the purchasing manner of these products, the apprehension for shoes still stays. So, here we are to clear your doubts and share with you 4 Tips to Buy shoes online

  • Know how to measure foot size

know your foot measurements, neemans

Shoe sizes may vary from one company to another. Thus, most of us prefer trying and buying shoes in-store. But, what if you like a pair online and leave it only because you aren’t sure of the size? We’ll say it’s totally unfair. 

So, here’s a solution, know the dimensions of your feet rather than relying on your size. For that, measure each foot’s exact length in centimeters from the longest points and refer to the online foot size chart to help you determine it. 

That’s not all, also check the width, especially if you have broad feet. To get that, check the shoe shape and even zoom in to understand it properly. Then measure your feet from one end to the other and refer to the chart. 

Now that’s your accurate measurement.

  • Material

neemans shoe materials

Comfort and style are the two topmost criteria people look for when buying shoes. But, here’s another one, the material or fabric. It makes all the difference in how the shoe would feel in your feet. For instance, though cotton is stretchable, it is a complex fibre that makes it less elastic to take the shape of your toes seamlessly. Alternatively, Merino Wool is by nature soft and stretchy, and thus, can easily take the frame of your feet.

  • Seasonality

seasonality for buying shoes

Pay attention to the seasonality. As the feet swell during the summer and thus expand, always measure your foot before purchasing footwear online. However, a slightly larger size is preferred in winters as the squeezed foot gets cold much faster. Moreover, socks become mandatory in that weather.

  • Ensure Good Return/Exchange Policy

neemans return and exchange policy

This is a significant step in decision-making. Even after doing all the research, you might end up receiving a pair of shoes that just didn’t fit or feel right. That’s when this exchange or return policy comes in handy. In that case, ensure you’ve packed it back to retain the shoe in the original condition. 

So, next time when you like a shoe online, don’t leave it because it is online. Just follow the tips and click on the buy button.

To start with, order Neeman’s shoes, it’s risk-free. We offer a 7-day trial period, free shipping and free exchanges until you find that perfect pair. But, in case you still opt for giving the comfortable add-day wear a miss, we have a no questions asked return policy! 

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