Cleaning your Neemans Shoes

  • Remove the insoles & laces and wipe off any excess dirt with a cloth or delicate towel
  • Remove excess dirt from the upper and outsole by using a small cloth dipped in water or mix it with a mild wool detergent.
  • The insoles are recommended to be washed by hand for best results.
  • Place the shoes in the bag provided and pop them in a washing machine on delicate or wool cycle. Use a mild wool detergent (Ezee) only. (Choose the right cycle before turning the machine ON)
  • Do not dry your shoes in the washer. Always AIR dry them.

Additional Guidelines

  • Do not use bleach or use any other brightening agents while washing
  • Do not soak in water for extended periods of time

Help Desk

For any additional questions on how to best maintain and take care of your Neemans , please send us an email at