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Whats up with the name?

Neemans is a combination of our founders mother and father's name . Mother Neelam & Father Manjeet combined to be called as Neeman's.

Why did you start Neemans?

We believe a picture speaks more than words and a video speaks way more than a picture. Here is a short illustration/video to explain why we started Neemans and why we are moving away from Synthetic materials to natural sources to make our shoes.

Explain the process followed in making Neemans shoes?

Manufacturing Neemans shoe was a global affair. Our entire journey of sourcing finest Merino Wool to creating India's most comfortable shoe is summarized in the video here.

How is Neemans Merino Fabric made?

Neemans are made from Merino Wool from Australia . Merino Wool is sourced , cleaned , combed , drawn , spun , yarn is knitted , soaped and then brushed into Merino Upper Fabric.

What are the insoles made of ?

The insoles are made with recycled rubber and castor bean oil to reduce the Carbon footprint of the Shoes.

What are the soles made of?

Our soles are made from a composition of co-polymers for a perfect blend of lightweight and shock-absorbing grip. Their unique diamond pattern provide a superior grip.

Is Neemans Shoe Traceable ?

Yes. All the Merino Wool used to create the Shoe Upper is traceable to the farmlands of Australia.

What is Neemans Shoe Box made of?

Our Shoe box is made of 85% recycled wastepaper. Staying true to our promise of replacing synthetic materials to environmentally better and recycled materials!. Check out our unboxing video to get a glimpse of our packaging.

How do we know that these sheep are treated humanely?

All the Merino Wool used to make Neemans shoes is non mulesed and from farms which ensure all the sheep are healthy and provided adequate amount of water and light all round the year.


What are these shoes made of?

These shoes are made of Merino wool, a naturally occuring fibre made from the fleece of Merino Sheep from Australia. These are super thin (about 20% of the thickness of the human hair), light and flexible adding a number of features to the resulting Neeman’s Merino shoe.

How are they cool to use during summers?

Merino wool is highly breathable which allows it to be cool during summers. Moreover, it also wicks moisture away from the skin which is evaporated from the surface of the fabric. This prevents the wet clammy feeling you usually experience in synthetic shoes, hence keeping your feet dry and comfortable. This amazing fabric absorbs more than 30% of its own weight in moisture before you start feeling wet.

How flexible are these shoes? Will it fit my wide feet?

Neeman’s shoes are designed to be comfortable and adjust to the feet of the user. Hence, these shoes are super flexible and will snugly fit even on wide feet.

What kind of support and cushion do these shoes provide?

Neeman’s has partnered with Ortholite, an industry leader in insoles, to manufacture super soft merino insoles made from castor bean oil. These are not only soft and comfy but also provide additional cushion to your heel.

How can I try the comfort Neemans has to offer. Does Neemans have a physical store where I can walk in to and try the shoes?

Right now, our shoes are only being sold online and as such we do not have any experience centre / store affiliations. We’ll update this section as and when we have our experience centres across cities in India. In the meanwhile, you can certainly go through the blogs and video reviews posted by experts and our customers online.


What is the 7 Day Trial?

Returns for all Neemans is accepted for all unworn shoes within 7 days of receipt for a full refund .

What are terms and conditions of the return policy?

A Product in an unworn condition with the packaging intact not later than seven (7) days from the date of delivery of the order . If the product is returned after seven (7) days, damaged, or not in its original packaging, Neemans will be unable to honor a refund for the merchandise and the decision of Neemans shall be final. No return or any other claim will be acceptable or valid after the expiration of 7 days from the time of delivery of the Product.

What is the return process?

Please contact within 7 days of delivery with your order number to receive a return shipment and the details to send the Neemans back to us.

How long does the return process take?

If the terms and conditions of Neemans return is met then the payment will be processed within seven (7) business days of receipt of the returned package.


Do I pay for shipping ? Is the shipping free?

We deliver Neemans to your doorstep in a recyclable box at no added cost to you.


How I do take care of my Neemans Shoe?

The Neeman’s shoe is dirt, spill and wrinkle resistant which makes it way more durable and easy maintenance than any other synthetic or natural shoes. Merino Wool wicks moisture and is naturally odour resistant, so all you have to do is leave them to dry overnight and they’ll be fresh & ready to use the next day. You can always throw them in a washing machine for a spin, if they are too dirty for your liking. Make sure you remove the insoles and the laces before and use the gentle cycle.

Are these shoes machine washable?

For a quick wash, remove the insoles & laces . Place the shoes in the bag and pop the shoes in a washing machine on a delicate cycle or Wool cycle. Do not dry your shoes in the dryer. Always AIR dry them.The insoles are recommended to be washed by hand for best results. Dry them overnight and they will be fresh and dry for you to use again.

Can I dry Neemans shoe in a dryer?

Though, the merino wool on your Neeman’s shoe is pretty sturdy and able to withstand the abuse of daily wear, we’d strongly advise you against using it in a machine tumble dryer. After wash leave the shoes for AIR dry . Machine dry can significantly reduce the life of your shoes.

Size Chart
UK/Indian Size Chart US Size Standard
EU Size
Foot Length
6 7 39 24.6
7 8 41 25.4
8 9 42 26.3
9 10 43 27.2
10 11 45 28
11 12 46 28.9

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