Neeman's started with a simple notion of creating shoes that perfectly fuse design and comfort like hand and glove. For this, we needed no crazy technology, no synthetic materials but outside the box thinking.

So, we racked our brains, designed a few styles and manufactured them. The result- We cracked the code.

All our footwear hit the bull's eye when it comes to being comfortable and stylish. Not only that, they can be worn all day, anywhere, without hurting your feet. Moreover, our passion for sustainability ensured we use natural and renewable fabric that would be soft and light for the feet.

So at Neeman's, we make footgear that offers uncompromisable comfort, chic designs and are eco-friendly!

Breaking the myth

Wool gets a bad rep for being itchy, heavy and uncomfortable – but the Merino Wool that goes into our shoes is soft as silk and fine as a feather. This ultra-fine wool is ridiculously soft, so our shoes feel more like a second skin. You might even forget you’re wearing shoes at all.

Knitting and Gripping

We use a unique and proprietary knitting process to create a range of fabrics that are soft to the skin and hold the test of our range of shoe styles.
The natural rubber sole with a proprietary diamond pattern gives you just the perfect grip for your day-to-day adventures.
This attribute makes all Neeman's shoes feasible to wear both with socks and sockless.

A short illustration on why we started Neemans

Designed for your life

Lightweight & Flexible

You know that unreal feeling you get when you take your shoes off after a long, hard day? Imagine feeling it all the time. Above all else, we’re passionate about making shoes that are truly comfortable. Neeman’s products are incredibly lightweight and designed with flexibility in mind -- so you can get on with your day and everything it throws at you in comfort and style.

Natural & Renewable

Water, sunshine, air and grass. That’s all it takes to raise healthy sheep and produce Australian Merino wool. Sheep grow a new fleece every year, making Merino wool a natural renewable and sustainable material.

Breathable & Sock Free

Merino wool is one of the world’s most breathable materials, hands down. The wool’s fibres evaporate sweat instead of absorbing it, so you never again have to worry about finding and wearing a matching pair of socks. Merino wool is also temperature regulating, so your feet feel fresh under the burning summer sun and through the cold winter season.

Moisture Wicking & Odor Resistant

Thanks to sheep-produced waxes (lanolin and keratin), your Neeman’s shoes are naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial. Merino wool fibres absorb moisture and lock down odour molecules until they’re washed, so your shoes smell fresh for even longer. Yep, even if you run in them without socks. Your nose will thank you.

Buy it. Try it. Love it

Buy and Try! Yes, our 7-day return or exchange policy is for you to experience Neeman's all-day-long comfort in real life without any worry. Though we know you'll love them, but just in case you don't, you can opt for no charge hassle-free exchange or return them for a full refund.

What’s your style?

Wool Joggers

Cotton Classic Sneaker

The Eco Flip

Wool Joggers

Cotton Classic Sneaker

The Eco Flip