Eco Flips


Eco Flips

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 4.79 ( 1511 )
Color: Pebble Grey
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Eco Flips

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Supreme Comfort

Eco Flips are not your average slippers. They are a class apart. We have designed these slippers to ensure that your feet get the best in class comfort. On top of comfort, we know you value style! You know how to look good. So, pick your choice of color and rock these flip flops wherever you go.

Give the best of Nature to your feet

The Eco Flips are made with natural and sustainable materials that give your feet barefoot comfort. We have always focused on taking the best from nature, and converting it to the best possible product for you!
In a way, Eco flips doesn't just touch your sole, it also touches your soul.

For the First time, slippers made with Recycled Tyres

The outsole of Eco flips are made with Recycled Tyres that makes it extremly durable and long lasting compared to Normal Flips. The use of Recycled Tyres also enhances the grip, so that you never slip. (Even in wet and slippery roads)

All Day, All Purpose slippers

The Eco-Flips are ideal for all-day long usage owing to their light weight. Plus, the mono-color style gives it a minimalist yet classy appeal so that you can wear them anywhere, anytime, and rest assured they will be your best friend day to night.