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Very comfortable and sleek

Nice shoes comfort feeling

Good product and so comfortable my friend gift me

very nice

good comfort ane soft

Thanks these are my new asics

Great comfortable shoes, light and washable too. I already have a few people asking me about them at office.

Appreciate the hard work in getting this out for customers like us. Thanks.

Wool Joggers

Wool Joggers

Wool Loafers

Awesome shoes

Comfy ande light. Great for casual wear.

Excellent Product

A great product using natural fibres. I enjoy walking wearing Neeman loafers and feel light. It continuously reminds to tred cautiously on things effecting environment.

Comfortable Shoes...

Its stylish and comfortable

Best lightweight sneakers i have ever wear so far

My Neemans

I purchase a Neemans product. Firstly the customer service is excellent very friendly and helpful. Talking about the product it’s a class of its own I have purchased and used many foot wear but nothing like this. You may feel it expensive but it’s worh every penny very soft comfortable stylish and machine washable

Just to for it...

Comfortable and light weight

I have been using the Neeman's jogger for about a month now. I find them very comfortable and would recommend it to other friends who may want to try it out.

Wool Joggers

Truely one of the most comfortable shoes out there !

Let me start by saying that I purchased this shoe in 2 phases

Phase 1: I had visited the shoe via an advt. in Insta, put in my address and other details but backed out before paying for these reasons
(I) I have no idea about the quality of the shoe since I can't hold them physically
(II) I have a wide feet and I can't test it
(III) I have flat foot
(IV) the brand isn't a popular one in the market
(V) I own multiple shoes ranging 5k-20k, and I wasn't sure if this would be able to beat a 20k Reebok or Adidas.
So I backed out, and one of their members called me to ask why didn't purchase and I gave him the reasons. To counter they told me they have a 7 day return policy subject to the shoe being in its original condition. By this time I had had a previous experience of having returned a perfectly good shoe( of some other brand) but didn't get a refund cause they said that the shoe seemed soiled(I had only worn it for 5secs on my bed). Due to these I respectfully declined.

Phase 2: I will admit though, the constant advts on insta and FB did have a role in it.
I saw reviews on YouTube and decided to give it a go cause I was being offered 5k by a senior of mine who happens to be doing very well (the shoe was 4.9k back then)
It has answered all of the questions I had in my phase 1
(I) this is actually the most comfortable shoes I have worn till date. This shoe can easily beat other popular brands for casual wear doesn't matter even if it's a 20k shoe
(II) the top of the shoe is a stretchy cloth which can easily accommodate any wide feet.
(III) this shoe actually has a light arch support ( not a lot of them actually have it) and it goes easy on my foot
(IV) popular brands not necessarily have the best products in the market.
I have been super happy about this pair of shoe.

PS: the only drawback I see as of now is that this can't be used as a sports shoe because it's soo soft. It can cause your feet to slip a bit inside when you try to stop suddenly and change directions.


Loved the shoes. Just wish you made them in smaller sizes. Also boots would be welcome.

Comfort at its best !

Absolutely brilliant product! Happy to use it .

Most Comfortable!

Awafully comfortable.
Better than any Skechers/Crocs/People footwear. Elegant, warm/cool... all at the same time !!!
Very very happy !

Good product and good service

Mrs A

Very comfortable shoes wish they do in women’s size also

Very comfortable

Very light and comfortable shoes as claimed

Wool Joggers

Best shoes ever

These are probably the best pair of shoes I have owned and I have owned a lot of em almost every brand 8ts so comfortable to wear BTW I wear em without socks the material they used to make the shoes are amazing I'm thinking of buying a pair of blue sneakers too 5 out of 5 to neemans best of luck keep growing

Wool Loafers

Fantastic daily wear

These shoes are amazing. I wear a Neeman's about 6 out of 7 days.

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