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Relive knit sneakers

The shoes are wonderful and its really great fit and looks soo elegant and the material was soo good and its gives a rich look ....Thank you neemans.❤️


They are very comfortable and the colour is perfect. I love Neeman’s products.

ReLive Knit Loafers
Vishnu Pandey
Lovely comfortable

Awesome shoes , bought two one for self and one for Dad , and we are loving it . Good show Team Neeman

Very very comfortable to wear

Thank you for Neemans❤️❤️👌🏻

Nice shoes -

White colour is the best , Quality also good.
Thank you Neemans.


Nice product
Awasome shoes

Awesome lite weight good quality.

Classic Slippers
Shahid Reza
Very Stylish and comfortable

Loved this product

Osmmm as it is looks like in picture

Supeb nice quality reasonable price

Great prouct

completely loved it

Eco Flips
Blush pink echo flips

Fantastic - like all the other footwear I have bought from Neeman’s. Look forward to your newer designs from recycled tyres and pet bottles Team Neeman’s!

Sole Max Slip Ons
Ben Cherian Mathew
It's worth the money

Good set of slip-ons with some review design needed in insoles as it's very soft like sponge and doesn't provide support as a memory foam insole. Even after buying a good insole seperately still it's worth for the money

Sole Max Slip Ons
Bhanu Kiran

Worth it and fast delivery with speed whatsapp service

Awesome 😎

This is my first NEEMANS sheos
Awesome sheos
I'm Happy
Fiting good

Eco Flips
Jayesh Chaudhary
It’s more than comfortable other companies.

I love it and i also very most comfortable after wearing feeling comfortable so i also bought this product. And also feel comfortable in monsoon weather. Comfortable walk on the mountain climbing.🤩🤩🤩

Sole Max Casuals
Pranav Joshi
One of my best decisions this year

Sole Max casuals were my first shoes from Neeman's
Ever, and i gotta tell you it is awesome. Can't imagine getting this quality of shoes some where else, At this price point. From now on Neeman's is going to be my go to Brand. In fact I am ordering there new shoes that was just released as well

Light Walkers
Aditya Sapate
Comfort with good quality

Good grip
Good quality
Excellent customer service from neemans team

Little bit costly.

Eco Slides
Bina M
Comfortable and smart looking

Loved the new Eco Slides. They are very comfortable and look very smart too.

Damn Good

Superb Quality, magically light weight. Premium stitch. Great pricing. Loved it

Nice… so comfortable 👌👌👌



Fluffy flips
Aryan Singh

Very comfortable. Its padding is very ideal neither too soft nor too stiff. Just right and sole grip is also fantastic.

Nice product

I bought neemans everyday basic slip ons.product is great.material is also good . Light weight shoes with perfect sole.

Everyday Basic Slip Ons
M Karthikeyan .
Basic slip

So stretchable, wonderful shoes and very good wear.

It is a reasonable price.

Good quality nice fit

Would have liked if we had a logo of neemans instead of the company name NEEMANS written on the front. I am a regular buyer of neemans and love the product quality