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Excellent indeed.

100 percent satisfied with your dealings and product. Thanks a lot to to your team.

Great Product

I loved the shoes !!


Made of some amazing material and well fitted shoes that can be worn without socks! 🙂

Very Comfortable

First time I saw it on FB and I liked them, than I ordered and was very impatient to receive my shoes as soon as I received I wore them and was happy to feel the comfortness and the look of it,later would like to order the other colour.

Highly Recommended

got my wool joggers couple of days back and been wearing out n out everyday . Initially it takes some time for shoe to take shape of ur feets but when it does it is the msot comfortable pc.however,lil work on cushioning can be done on ankle part

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Comfortable, feels really plush

Comfortable, feels really plush when I wear them. The quality of the material and the feel it gives is really nice!

Quality Shoes

Very good stuff comfortable moreover quick delivery

very good shoes,good quality.

comfort !!

They are very comfortable and are of good quality

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Very good quality

Excellent Shoe

Take my word, you won't regret it after buying. The shoe has superb quality, need to see the durability and cushioness in long run.

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Loved them

Nice quality.. Amazingly comfortable.. Quick dry.. Super soft.. What else needed... Absolutely recommended... Ordered one more pair, now in red...

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Eco friendly

Being eco friendly is great for feet and environment too.

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Excellent fit very comfortable.

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Excellent footwear

I loved the slippers.It looks great and is comfortable. I wear it all the time at home,since my house has levels,I keep going up and down the stairs a lot.This seems perfect.
Would be ordering similar ones for all in my family.

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Go vocal about being local.

Neeman's slippers good for woman also. They are light, comfy and give the feeling of home once you put your feet in.

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Light weight and comfortable

I was looking for something airy in the summer and found this. It stays well on most surfaces though i mainly use it inside the home. It’s very flexible , soft , light weight and comfortable

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Thank you

Thank you for exchanging my slipper at your earliest convenience .
I appreciate your services and wish to further purchase things which appeal me.
Thanks once again.
Best regards
Mohammed Siddiqui

Value for money

Hi Everyone, shoe's plays a major part in life. few years back, i used to wonder why do people hype so much for a pair shoes over span of 2 years. I have accompanied several people buying shoes. I started studying there pattern what goes on in there mind while buying shoes. The pattern is very strange between each section of society but you will be surprised to know that everyone loves the comfort in their feet. The people are ready to pay any price for it. The crowd and internet have evolved so much that everyone now have so many options to try. I came across this company through internet. I have almost read every review closely .The company started in 2017 and over span of 4 years company has made a great impression in footwear industry. I have bought about a pairs of shoes for my dad. He loves the color and texture of jogger shoes. I would highly recommend this to everyone. if you have reached here and read my review till here. I would suggest you to buy a pair and try.The company now has 20% discount and 7 day return policy. What would more you expect from the company. All the best. :) .

A very comfortable and slick pair. Can be used as part of casual and semi formal attire. Will try their other colours, right now in possession of ivory white.

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Very comfortable and stylish

I got three pairs: one each for myself, my dad and my husband, and all of us have loved it. It's very comfortable to wear, especially for my dad who's prone to developing corns. He too has had no issues with it and this is after a few weeks of wearing it.

Very comfortable

Based on reviews and after checking neemans website I bought one pair and I wasn’t disappointed
Very comfortable and light to wear

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Useful and convenient, and people like me (senior citizen)
it gives enjoyable walk.
Thanks for the product.

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Product is too good and response from office is excellent


i love wearing this shoes as its very light and comfy....

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