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    Comfortable by Design, Natural by Choice

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    Wool Loafers

    Any place. Any time. Always comfortable

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    From Sheep to you -- Comfort in every step

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Early Adopter Program

Neeman’s all-day Comfort with Style -- Go anywhere, Be Anyone, Do it all .

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Launching soon in India

Get ready to experience the shoes made with the most advanced natural fiber - 'Merino Wool' by a startup focused on creating products with amazing quality.

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Merino Wool
India's most comfortable Shoes using Merino Wool from Australia

Bringing the world's most advanced and revolutionary fibers to India to create a range of comfortable shoes.

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Neemans Merino wool fabric goes through a unique and proprietary knitting process to create a range of fabrics which are ideal for shoes

Shoe Industry Redefined

A Passion for Comfort, Style and Responsibility --The Neeman's story

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  • Neemans Wool Loafers

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    Leading the way to the most comfortable feet.

  • Neemans Wool Joggers

    Comfort & Style

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  • Think Different, Think Comfortable Feet

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Size Chart
UK/Indian Size Chart Standard
EU Size
Foot Length
6 39 24.6
7 41 25.4
8 42 26.3
9 43 27.2
10 45 28
11 46 28.9
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