Two weeks after launch and Neemans backstory

Hey Everyone, This is Taran Chhabra. (Founder of Neeman’s)

It’s been an amazing last few weeks for our team. We have beta launched Neemans, presented in several startup events in the country and heard great feedback from all our Early Adopters and Backers. So, thrilled to see you guys posting pictures with our products. It feels amazing to create a product which focuses on true comfort and helps us preserve the environment. I would want to take you all back on how it all started.

It all started with a struggle

During my trip to Spain two years ago, I almost missed a train due to over-packing. The reason: I was travelling with five pairs of shoes. I “needed” a running shoe, a casual shoe, a lounging shoe and an extra pair just in case. I thought, “Why do I need a different shoe for each activity? Why don’t I have one shoe for all day?” I started looking for it didn’t find it.

The birth of Neeman’s

With very little background in footwear and design, I traveled to different shoe manufacturing hubs around the world to learn how shoes were made. What I saw left me puzzled. Most of the shoes were made with synthetic and chemical-heavy fibers that are bad for the environment. The question in my mind was, “We look for better, nutritional and organic food, why don’t we look for similar qualities in our shoes?”

This led me to consider using natural sources to make shoes. Merino Wool was at the top of the list because of its amazing qualities. The fiber is very soft compared to traditional wool and can be worn all year round. Sheep produce new fleece every year making the fiber natural and renewable.

After two years of hard work, Neeman’s is born -- a classic yet stylish shoe made with natural Merino Wool. It’s India’s first brand that is leading a culture of sustainability and comfort in the footwear space.

We believe you should feel good about what you wear. And at Neeman’s, we’re passionate about making sure your shoes make you feel good, look good and do good for your planet. It’s that simple.

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“Neeman’s was created out of a craving not just to break the mold but to obliterate it: to say goodbye to average for good and demand a change in the way we wear shoes”

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