Why Merino Wool Shoes are suitable for All Day & Everywhere Wear

Have you ever carried more than one pair of footwear because-

  • The shoe you were wearing is stylish but not comfortable?

  • You were meeting friends after work, and your shoe made your feet feel tired?

Indeed, you have! Let's admit it's bothersome to pack an extra pair to work or keep one in the car all the time just because the one you are wearing won't sail you through the day.

Hence, when we got into designing Merino Wool Shoes, we were determined to craft an all-day and everywhere sneaker without compromising comfort or style.

But before we started constructing our flagship product, we did a bit of research and asked people what makes for a daily wear shoe. Their responses became our base because when you say something, it matters. After all, we create shoes for you, our customers. We were determined to crack the code and develop something that's as per your preference.

So here's our, no your, Merino Wool Shoes with all the features that make it around-the-clock, best shoes for daily wear-

  • Super-lightweight

Neemans lightweight merino wool shoes

This footwear is made with Merino Wool that is the finest and lightest sheep's wool globally. This natural trait of the fleece makes the shoe lightweight and comfortable. As far as sturdiness is concerned, this yarn is unbeatable as it is eight times stronger than cotton and about ten times more potent than silk. That's some stats! So, if you are looking for a shoe that will be your best friend for anywhere you go, this aspect is crucial to consider.

  • Wide toe area

wider toe area daily wear shoes

Another factor that we knew would make the sneaker easy to wear for long hours was the right toe area. So, we designed it in a way that would make the shoe comfortable for everyone-with broad or narrow feet. The wide toe space of the Wool Joggers gives the feet enough area to stretch and spread out comfortably. Furthermore, it improves balance and agility and maintains solid arch support by absorbing step-shock while on the move. Thus, as an expert tip, always pay attention to the width of the shoe as it plays a massive role in giving your feet the much-required litheness. 

  • Relaxed Long-day wear

neemans multi purpose daily wear shoes

To ensure this new shoe became your favourite go-to pair, you wanted them to be snuggly yet non-tiring when wearing them for long periods. So, we worked on the soft, cushiony insoles. Our prototype gave us a relaxed feeling for 10-12 hours at a stretch. But, we weren't satisfied, so we used castor bean oil instead of synthetic chemicals that gave extra cushion and support.

merino wool insoles neemans

This made Wool Joggers comfortable and convenient for approximately 12-14 hours without feeling the urge to take them off. It also covered one more aspect of making the shoe sustainable. We were happy soles because we knew this sneaker would be the best shoe for all-day wear.

  • Easily adapts

neemans workout/walking shoe

As flexibility is a vital trait of the fabric, it instantaneously adjusts and adapts to the shape of your feet. This allows for natural movement while walking and even during light exercise. The readjustment also assists in preventing additional stress and injury to joints and knees making it a great walking shoe.

  • Machine Washable

machine washable neemans

We know this has nothing to do with wearing them throughout the day, but effortless maintenance plays a part in how often we wear a shoe. So, with Wool joggers, the good news is that to clean, all you have to do is flick them in the machine and spin the cycle on delicate, and it's done. But before that, remove the insole and laces.

When we were 100% convinced, neah 200%, we brought to market the Merino Wool Joggers , not in one but ten different colours. This was because we didn't want you to compromise on comfort or style ever again.

We have the colours; all you need to do is match them with your wardrobe and wear them everywhere- work, dates, dinners (after Covid restrictions are over) or even at home. If Bollywood heartthrobs Deepika, Sonam, and Alia can repeat their clothes to save the planet, you are no less than a superstar. You can absolutely wear your shoes again and do your bit not only for the comfort but also for earth.

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