2024 in footwear: The trends ruling this year

This year, take a literal approach to great beginnings and spend 2024 in style & comfort. Sure, we’re well into February, but is that too late to catch up on the hottest footwear trends of the year? From the ‘misunderstood as lazy ’flip flops making a comeback to shoes that transport you to school again, here’s our list of the definitive footwear trends this year.

  1. Back-to-school shoes

    Back-to-school shoes
    The shoes you hated wearing during your school years are now edgy and cool, beyond gender boundaries. So, lace up into that preppy style, style it up with tailored trousers or dress ‘em down with baggy jeans.

  2. The elevated basics

    Restraint and sophistication are some of the pillars of the quiet luxury we’ve all been raging about, and it’s creeping into footwear, too. Keep things simple yet glamorous by revisiting your basic shoes and elevating them. Just a sneaker? No can do. Dressy sneakers? Now that’s more like it. Flat rubber sole? Nope, chunky soles with character. Or, how about some textural appeal? Perhaps, some ombre effect? Take your pick.

  3. Going green

    Going green
    Kick off the year with a fresh, verdant energy. After the intensity of all red everything last year, it seems we are travelling to the side of the color wheel to everything green.

  4. Sporty Spice

    Sporty Spice
    You might not remember the last time you stepped into a gym, but that doesn’t mean your style can’t be sporty! What you’ll want to aim for – an elevated gym class look, only more refined. The pros? Supreme comfort. Cons? It might end up making you want to sneak in a jog or a gym sesh.

  5. Loafers for an instant lift

    Loafers for an instant liftPicture this: You’re stepping out for a not-so-casual yet not-so-formal meeting, or perhaps a first date. In both cases, the first impression needs to be strong. Give ‘em sneakers some rest and take those loafers out for that instant ‘put-together’ lk. Effortless, polished, elevated, all at once. *chef’s kiss*

  6. No nonsense white sneakers

    No nonsense white sneakersThe spring runways have spoken: 2024’s of the moment is white, the brighter (and cleaner), the better! They’re timeless and can easily be styled with pretty much everything under the sun. Take out those white sneakers from exile and clean ‘em up.

  7. The return of the flip flops

    The return of the flip flopsFlip flop lovers rejoice! You would’ve worn them throughout summer anyway, but your beloved, lazy comfortable flip flops now come with a fashion approval stamp! Whether you’re team plain and simple flips or want something that makes a statement, the choice is yours!

  8. The no-fuss slip ons

    The no-fuss slip onsCosy, cool, comfortable – slip ons are finally getting the limelight they always deserved. If you’re not in the mood to tie and untie your laces or simply want to explore the world of slip ons, this is your year!

  9. Sandals, with socks

    Sandals, with socksThe sandal with/without socks seems to have been settled, at least for this year. Your father’s comfort favourite is now fashion approved. How can you play this up? Opt for contrasting sandals and socks: if your sandals make a bold statement, go for basic sneakers, and vice versa. Life’s all about balance, isn’t it?

  10. Meshy stuff

    Meshy stuffFrom clothes to now footwear, the lightweight and subtle mesh is all over this year. Look for footwear with mesh uppers, and take it a notch further by pairing them up with mesh socks!

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