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The covid pandemic has exposed the imbalanced face of ecosystem caused by the loopholes in the system of human production and consumption. It has acted like an x-ray machine and bared the skeleton of our socio-economic realities - across the world leading to new forms of experimentation and innovation to fix these issues. Seeing the ravages of such crises unfold in front of our eyes, we are prompted to question and critically evaluate our choices. Covid has given us the much needed break from our daily hustle to slow down and introspect ourselves.

With life coming to a standstill during the covid-induced lockdown, the world witnessed some positive effects on the environment which we all marveled at. With the slashing of greenhouse emissions and halted human activities, the nature seemed to spring back to life- Himalayan ranges were visible, pollution levels dropped down and who can even forget the beautiful clear blue skies of Delhi- a completely rare sight for the residents who always had only smog to look up to, and the crystal clear water of Yamuna and Ganges and many other changes which we all cherished. These experiences have left an unforgettable mark on all of us, and as much as we want life to get back to normal, there are some changes that we all crave for.

Change the Norm with Neemans Sneakers

 To retain these positive changes post-lockdown, we must prevent ourselves from falling back into the maze of same mistakes that we made before. We have to take a call to change the world for better, and reverse the harms done to the environment. The question is how can we bring the change and how is it going to shape our future?

The answer lies in adopting a sustainable lifestyle and going back to nature is the mantra.  We can start by acting responsibly and changing the way we consume products. Dig deep to know how the products that you choose are made and how they impact the environment. Use the power of your wallet to buy products that use Naturally sourced materials in their making.

Resolve not to resort to previous patterns of compulsive consumption and move towards a mindful consumption. If before covid, you were like one of the many who owned maybe 10 leather handbags, now consider buying one or more two good jute fibre handbags which not only are stylish but also disintegrate well once they’re discarded. Drop those car keys, and opt to take a walk or carpool instead of driving alone to reduce the carbon footprint on your behalf. Our small actions can pave the way for unprecedented changes.

Go Natural with Earth Red Neemans Walkers

Ditch fast fashion products which contribute to 10% of all humanity’s carbon emissions and quickly end up in landfills. Instead, choose slow and ethical fashion which respects the elements of nature. It’s time we part ways from the synthetic footwear industry which consumes gallons of water and natural resources damaging the very fabric of the environment. They also indulge in unethical production and exploitative labor practices in the third world countries which need to be shunned by us. We can break this chain of endless pollution and environmental damage by delving deep into nature and finding a better way of making footwear.  It’s time we question our choices. It’s time we change the norm.

Nothing stirs change effectively more than a collective social awakening along with integrated economic action. With this objective in mind, Neeman’s has come with sustainable footwear alternatives born from nature and naturally sourced materials like merino wool known for its renewability, unmatchable comfort, breathability and light weight.

Sustainability has been embedded in the life blood of Neeman’s right from inception and the current COVID crisis has magnified this further. Everybody can sense that human life as part of the larger ecosystem has reached a social tipping point and that a course correction is needed.  Responsible personal choices can undo the wrongs done to environment. Declutter your mind and power it with thoughts capable of changing the norm and moving towards planet wellness. Instead of owning ten different pairs of shoes that ultimately end up landfills, opt for one pair of durable eco-friendly Neeman’s shoes that stick with you all-year round standing the test of time, and can be worn anywhere and anytime.

Step up to break the cycle of unethical synthetic fashion and ‘Change the Norm’ with the all new collection of super cool eco-friendly Neeman’s Sneakers offered in some earthy and out-of the-box colours that look good, feel good and do good for the planet.

Change the Norm , Go Natural with Merino Wool


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