Merino wool or cotton, which fabric shoe is for you?

If we ask you what two things make for a perfect shoe, we are bound to get multiple answers. However, as a shoe company, let us tell you a secret-

Comfort and Sustainability are the two uncompromisable traits that anyone should look for when buying a pair of footwear.

Comfort ensures that the sneakers fit the feet perfectly, which then makes them last longer. While an eco-friendly shoe will help minimize adverse environmental impacts, which has been the need of the hour for years. 


As Neeman's crafts shoes that meet the above criteria exceptionally, here we have for you a fool proof guide that explains in detail the traits of our - Merino Wool Jogger or Cotton Classic sneakers for you to pick your footwear.

Wool Joggers

Cotton Sneakers


Australian Merino Sheep

Organic Cotton from farms


More space for the feet to breathe

Snugly fit


All day wear, supports mild activities

All day wear, more for casual outings

Next-to-skin Comfort

Hard to beat, it is the world’s finest and softest sheep’s wool

Gentle nature, smooth and delicate


Elastic nature easily adjusts.

Takes the shape of the feet

Complex fiber, keeps the shoe shape stable


Extremely breathable, wicks sweat 

One of the most breathable fabrics


Easily machine washable

Easily hand or machine washable


INR 4999


INR 2999


Like every story starts with the introduction giving a background before it sets the plot, let's embark on the Origin of the two textiles.

merino wool vs cotton
  • Merino Wool comes from Merino sheep primarily found in Australia and New Zealand. It is considered the most exquisite and softest wool available, and after merging it with modern spinning technology and fiber treatment, this wool outclasses any of its competitors.
  • Cotton dates back approximately 5000 BC and is one of the most popular fabrics and widely available natural substance globally. It is derived from the fibers surrounding the seeds of cotton plants. 

Now that the basics are done let's compare the Next-to-Skin Comfort because if they aren't snuggly, they'll be packed and forgotten or given away to someone.

Neemans comfortable sneakers
  • Merino Wool is considered to be the finest and softest sheep's wool globally. In fact, the comfort it gives all day long is unmatchable because of its natural property that allows the fleece to bend far more than traditional wool fibers. This makes Merino wool feel refined and gentle and provides for comfy sock-free wear. Furthermore, this type of wool comes from ethically-raised sheep bred under natural conditions. If you've never used a product made of this fleece, we say wear it to believe it.
  • On the other hand, Cotton becomes smooth and delicate after it has been tweaked by technology and other unique processes. Though this fabric is light and durable and widely accepted and used for all-day wear, compared to Merino Wool, it falls a bit behind.

Now, it's time to look at the trait of monitoring body temperature.

  • Merino wool has a dual ability to keep you warm in winters and cool in summers. This temperature regulation ability makes it the most sought after year-round fabric.To explain further, this wool absorbs moisture in hot weather by drawing sweat away from the skin, thereby evaporating it into the air outside the fabric. This leads to releasing heat and giving a cooling feel to both the skin and fabric. In winters, the same soft fiber keeps you cuddled and warm.

neemans merino wool shoes, warm in winters, cool in summers


  • Cotton, too, like wool, absorbs sweat which allows the heat to escape the body and keep you cool in the hot weather. Thus, without a doubt, it is stated as the most wanted summer material. However, in winters, the same water retaining ability makes the material unsuitable.  

Now, let's understand the feature of Flexibility in shoes

Stiff footwear can cause injury, making this aspect essential in the shoe-buying process. 

  • Merino Wool has an easy-to-adjust attitude. It is by nature stretchy, and that's not all; after wearing it continually, it takes the shape of your feet. The softness gives the feet a delicate cushioning, making them comfy both with and without socks. So, if you prefer a shoe that offers you a barefoot feel, then this is for you. 
  • Cotton is a complex fiber, which does not allow easy elasticity for the thread to take the shape of your toes seamlessly. However, this intricacy is unnoticeable when wearing and walking in cotton shoes but is detectable when stretching your feet. Cotton shoes are stable and can easily be worn for brisk walking.

Let's come to another feature, the Renewability aspect of both fabrics.

neemans wool joggers vs cotton classics
  • Merino wool is unbeatably the most eco-friendly material available. Think about it; like us humans, the sheep too grow hair timely, and like us, they also need a haircut. Moreover, trims are an erosion-free process that don't harm the environment. 
  • Though Cotton too is an environmentally friendly fiber, it can be stated as sustainable and biodegradable. In the case of Neeman's Classic Cotton, the sneakers are 100% environment friendly because of the use of organic cotton


To recapitulate, if Merino Wool shoes offer barefoot comfort, our Cotton Classic sneakers offer feather-light feel to the feet. Though both are all-day wear, Merino joggers can support mild activities whereas, cotton sneakers are more for casual outings. Also, as far as design goes, the Merino Wool joggers offer more space for the feet to breathe whereas, the Cotton classics have a snuggly fit. Furthermore, they both are machine-washable with cotton sneakers also easily hand-launderable.


Now that we have given you details about our two ranges, pick either Merino Wool jogger or Cotton Classics sneakers  whatever suits your feet, as both are apt for summers and, more so, comfy and sturdy.

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