Journey behind crafting Cotton Classics

It’s that time of year when our wardrobe gets a makeover. From jeans to trousers, full to half-sleeves, boots to cotton shoes, all come out to welcome the summers. Though looking at the shoes is often accompanied by a frown in hot weather months, these summer staples are something we can’t do without, whether or not we like it.

Wearing shoes in summer was a problem that needed a solution, so we thought of crafting footwear that would be classic yet modern, trendy yet simple, casual yet formal, and most importantly, be worn sock-free.

Yes, we were aiming for a lot, but then that was the challenge.

Now comes the question of what did we do? We got all our teams - developers, designers, sourcing, and marketing squad to come together to formulate a pair that would be synonymous with summer wear. There were ideas and more, and trust us, there were some bizarre ones too:), but then we did achieve our goal and The Cotton Classics sneakers were born.

The Cotton Classics ticked all the boxes and added a few extra ones of guaranteeing comfort, being an all-day pair, and stood by our DNA of being made of natural and recycled materials. They became a pair that, once worn, became your old friend- perfect.

Features of these stylish shoes-

      • Natural Material

          As the name suggests, the Cotton Classics are made after a thoughtful curation of All-Natural Cotton, Recycled Fabrics, lined with Merino Wool and molded with super lightweight insoles made with Castor Bean Oil. It also has a diamond pattern that ensures it gives a perfect grip to your feet. In short, it’s a shoe that is comfortable for all-day wear and also reduces the carbon footprint.

            • Season Friendly

                Now, you might ask, though, a cotton shoe, but it also has a Merino Wool lining, so how is it weather-friendly? Then let us tell you that, like cotton, the Merino fabric too is breathable and lightweight. In fact, having this Australian fiber is an additional benefit, as it has an exceptional quality of regulating temperature and gives a cooling effect to your feet.

                    • Comfortable

                        After we were satisfied with the material, we had to ensure they were comfortable. For this, we tested the shoes in different environments- long-hours in the office, lazy day at home while taking a dog for a walk and even at parties. Not only did they feel light, but they were an ideal match for all kinds of clothes. What more? They caught other’s attention because of their vibrant colors.

                        The last litmus test was to try them sock-free, the biggest problem we face with summer shoes. We tried them on and didn’t face the issue of sweaty feet. The Merino Wool insoles, which has the quality of soaking up any moisture, also kept our feet fresh throughout the day.

                        Still, need reasons?

                        Here’s one more, they are easy maintenance and machine washable too. 
                        We did everything to ensure you get a pair that is comfortable, sock free, meets the style quotient, is machine washable and also planet-friendly. In short, we crafted the Cotton Classics, a shoe you will instantly fall in love with.
                        So, don’t wait, choose your color and place your order now. Don’t forget to tell us how they feel by leaving a comment below.

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