Neeman's Merino Wool Shoes in Summer ?

Think of the summer and Wool is the last thing that comes to your mind! It’s almost insane to think about wearing Woolen fabric in summer. However, this summer, you can actually let go of cotton and linen and try experimenting with the quintessential cold-weather insulator- the wool. But make sure that’s its only Merino wool. Busting all the myths, it showcases itself as a year-round fabric that is ideal for any apparel including shoes! The latest offering in the fashion scene of Asia which is becoming the ‘choice.’ Wondering why shoes crafted from Merino wool fabric should be your top choice. Read on:

Temperature regulation

Believe it or not! But Merino fabric works just like your personal and portable air-conditioning unit. Its natural temperature-regulating property is remarkable. While cotton will absorb your sweat and stick to your body, Merino does not absorb sweat but wicks it away. It evaporates and creates a cooling effect which your feet will adore, standing under the scorching sun. It will act just the reverse in winter and keep them warm and cozy.

Odor resistant

Ever opened your socks and shoes in summer and felt nauseous by the pungent smell hitting you!? Switch to Merino shoes and feel the difference. Merino wool reduces both sweat and odor and thus keeps your feet clean and dry. Moreover, the wool has natural lanolin in it that breaks down the odor churning bacteria. Thus, you no longer need to feel embarrassed about smelly socks and shoes when choosing Merino. Your feet also do not itch because of its action.


 Being hundred percent natural, merino fabrics have an amazing quality of absorbing high quantities of sweat from your feet and other parts of the body facilitating its vaporization in the air. Thus, instead of feeling sticky and hot, your feet will feel airy, cool and dry. No other material can match its level of breathability.


By adorning Merino, you are actually getting an arsenal against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Your feet stay as fresh as ever.

Comfortable and durable

Thanks to the very fine and low micron level of merino, its shoes are extremely comfortable to wear. By nature, merino is hypoallergenic, lacks any chemicals and even repels dust. Thus, it is ideal for any person, be it the rough and tough one or the ultra-sensitive version. An incredibly strong fiber material - it can bend over 20, 000 times without breaking. Thus, no matter how much you abuse your merino shoes, it will stand the test of time.


Merino fabric is completely eco-friendly and a renewable fabric which does not cause any harm to the environment. Thus, you keep all the activists happy and do your own part in conserving the environment.

Final words

These were just some of the arguments about why Merino shoes make a fantastic summer choice. After all, 180 million sheep grazing the fields of Australia cannot go wrong! Neeman’s is the first brand launching Merino footwear in India. Given the scorching heat of the country; it’s a must try option.

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