Why did Neeman’s choose Merino Wool to make shoes?

Why did Neeman’s choose Merino Wool to make shoes?

Neeman’s shoes are made from ultra-fine fibres of high quality Merino Wool. We have moved away from using synthetic and manmade materials to natural and renewable fibre Merino Wool from Australia to make our shoes. Why?

Footwear with Merino Wool? Surprised, Confused. A lot of such emotions would be running high when you heard about Neemans.

Merino Wool comes from Merino sheep which are found in the mountainous regions of Australia and New Zealand. They thrive at very high altitudes and sub-zero temperatures.

Their wool is deemed as the finest and softest of wool almost akin to silk; this game changer is hailed as revolutionary wool.  Its structure is so unique that humans have not been able to recreate it. This unique structure attributes to specific unique properties that no other fibre can match.

Why Merino Wool and not Traditional Wool?

Traditional Wool is associated to be a product of winters because of its heavyweight, bulky nature and itchy when worn directly against the skin. On the other hand, Merino Wool is a lot softer and finer and can bend much more than any other material. This makes it not only adjustable to the movement of your foot, but also soft on your skin.

The question is what sets this wool stand apart from others synthetic materials.

Why Neemans Merino Wool Shoes

Natural & Renewable – We love our environment and see the value in preserving it. Hence, we have a chosen a revolutionary natural and renewable fibre to make our shoes.

Soft Fibres for Great Next to Skin Comfort - Merino fibres are exceptionally fine, permitting them to bend far more than traditional, cruder wool fibres. This makes Merino wool feel soft and sumptuously gentle next to your skin. Ensuring all our shoe styles can be worn without socks.

Strong & Durable -- The strength of Merino wool is unmatched. It’s about eight times stronger than cotton and about ten times stronger than silk. This makes it ideal to withstand the abuse of daily wear. Not only it retains its outstanding function after long use but does not lose any of its unique properties or shrink even after going through multiple roughness’s of a machine wash.

Wicks Moisture & Odour Resistant -- It exhibits some fantastic thermal properties. It wicks away moisture and needs to absorb at least 30% of its weight of sweat to feel slightly damp. This makes it better than cotton which absorbs sweat, gets wet and remains wet. It also dries much faster than cotton.

Lightweight & Flexible -- Merino wool demonstrates some fantastic lightweight insulation. Because of the fiber's unique and microscopic scales; air finds it difficult to pass through. Simultaneously, it has several air pockets which make it extreme light.

Warm in Winter and Cool in Summer -- Another myth that Merino wool breaks with effortless ease is that wool is a winter material. The fibre has an amazing property of keeping you warm in cold conditions and cool in warm, hot conditions. Instead of absorbing sweat, it wicks sweat like a sponge to keep you cool. Its air pockets make the fibre extremely breathable. It is also naturally resistant to odor. These properties make it an ideal choice for base layers and any outdoor gear.

Machine Washable -- The structure of the fibre makes cleaning effortless. It also takes to dying and coloring process like a fish tales to water to yield a long-lasting color effect.

Stain Sturdy -- Merino wool have a natural defensive outer layer which prevents stains from being absorbed. This is because Merino wool tends not to generate static; it charms less filth and dust.

Wrinkle Free -- At minuscule level, each Merino wool is like a twisted spring that returns to its original shape after it has been bent. This gives Merino a natural conflict to wrinkles.

Merino Wool is ideal for a frozen house in Alaska as well as the scorching heat of India.  It’s indeed a fibre of dreams! For the above explained reasons and our love for Wool leaned us to create shoes with this revolutionary fibre.

Neeman’s shoe collection comprises of a Wool Jogger (lightweight running and training shoe), Wool Classic Sneaker( sneaker design presented in a simplistic and modern form) and WoolLoafers in a super lightweight form.

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