How Neemans Shoes are Made (Using a Revolutionary Natural fiber from Sheep in Shoes)

Our shoes go through many stages of refinement before they reach your feet, ensuring the utmost in comfort. We make sure the quality is above industry standards to put your feet in their “happy place.” Here’s an overview of the steps involved when making the best shoes your feet can ask for. 

Merino sheep farms:

We selected the best Merino sheep farms for our wool. These farms maintain the health of the sheep with regular check-ups to ensure the wellness of the flock. It’s from these farms we source our wool.


When the wool is ready, it’s shorn by experienced shearers at these farms. This process is 100% safe causing no harm to the sheep. It’s like the sheep are getting a haircut.. All the Wool we use in our shoes in Non-Mulesed. The sheep are usually shorn once each year.

Neemans Shoe Making


We hand select the best wool suitable for proceeding to the next step in the process. This wool fleece then undergoes scouring, a cleaning process that removes dirt and lanolin, a natural wool grease.

Yarn Spinning:

The wool is then drawn out and spun into long strands of twine that are rolled into a continuous interconnected fiber called yarn. The yarn can be dyed at this point, with many colors available to create unique and fashion-forward shoes.


The yarn is knit into long sheets of fabric, rolled into big rolls and transported to the next place in the process. This process is carefully monitored to avoid any mishaps or damage to the fabric.

Merino Textile Finishing:

The rolled fabric gets sent to finishing, which stabilizes the fabric, and reduces the stains and thread tensions created during manufacturing. This process improves the feel of the fabric letting the fabric swell and burst giving it that milled or hairy look.

Shoe Assembly:

All the pieces of the shoes are gathered in one place and assembled. The outsoles and insoles of the shoe are attached. A quality check is performed, during which the shoes are put through a series of tests. After passing the tests, the shoes leave the assembly plant for the final stage.

Shoe Packaging:

The shoes are then packed in a specially-designed box made with 85% recycled wastepaper by our expert designers, further enhancing the experience of owning Neemans shoes. The final packaged boxes are then shipped to our distribution center where orders are received from around the globe.

This is just a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes of our Neemans shoemaking. More interesting and exciting facts are on their way. Stay tuned!

Neemans Wool to Shoes

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