Neemans Wool Classic Sneakers - Neeman's
  • Wool Classic Sneakers Neeman's Sapphire Blue_Size_ 6
  • Neeman's_Wool Classic Sneakers _Natural Black_Side View
  • Wool Classic Sneakers Neeman's
  • Wool Classic Sneakers Neeman's
  • Neeman's_Black Color Sneakers Shoes_Front View
  • Neeman's_Odor Resistant Shoes_Sweat Free Shoes_Sneakers_Side View
  • Neeman's_Wool Classic Sneakers Shoes For Boys_Black_Color_Size_9
  • Neeman's_Casual Shoes_Sneakers Shoes_ Side View_size_10
  • Neeman's_India's Most Comfortable Shoe For Men_Wool Sneakers
  • Neeman's_Out sole Are Made From An Eco-Friendly Co-Polymers For A Perfect Blend_Sneakers
  • Neeman's_Stylish Shoes For Men_Sneakers Shoes
  • Wool Classic Sneakers Neeman's
  • Wool Classic Sneakers Neeman's
  • Wool Classic Sneakers Neeman's_ Oval Grey_Color_Size_ 8
  • Neeman's_Flexible Shoes_Side View_Sneakers Shoes
  • Neemans_wool_Sneakers_Eco_Friendly_Merino Wool Shoes
  • Neemans_Casual Shoes For men_Front view_Sneakers Shoes
  • Neeman's_Most Comfortable Shoes For Men Exclusively_Sneakers
  • Wool Classic Sneakers Neeman's
  • Wool Classic Sneakers Neeman's
  •  Neeman's_Shoe Grip Is Unique Diamond Pattern  Provides Superior Grip_Sneakers Shoes
  • Wool Classic Sneakers Neeman's Ruby Burgundy Color_Size_6
  • Neeman's_Light Weight Shoes For Men_Merino Wool Shoes_Wool Sneakers
  • Neeman's_Shoes For All Day Comfort_Ruby Burgundy_Color_Sneakers Shoes
  • Neeman's_Wool Classic Sneakers Shoes_Sock Free Shoes_Size_9
  • Neeman's_Sneakers Shoes For Men_Size_10
  • Neeman's_Back Sole Of The Shoe Grip Is Unique Diamond Pattern_Sneakers
  • Wool Classic Sneakers Neeman's
  • Wool Classic Sneakers Neeman's
  • Neeman's_Sapphire Blue Sneakers Shoes _Odor Resistant_Side View
  • Neeman's_Sneakers Shoes Made From Natural Merino Wool Fiber_Blue Color
  • Neeman's_Shoes That Are Cool In Summer & Warm In Winter_Size_9_Sneakers
  • Neeman's _Sneakers Shoes Which Are Machine Washable_Sapphire_Blue Color
  •  Neeman's_Shoes Grip Is Unique Diamond Pattern  Provides Superior Grip_Sole
  • Neeman's_Wool Sneakers Shoes For Men Which Are Odor Resistant
  • Neeman's_Men's Summer Shoes Which Are Cool In Summer_Maroon_Color
  • Neeman's_Light Weight Shoes For Men_Ruby Burgundy_Color_Sneakers Shoes
  • Neeman's_Latest Sneakers For Men_Black Color
  • Neeman's_Stylish Shoes For Men_Sneakers Shoes
  • Neeman's_ Merino Wool Shoes_Sneakers Shoes_Side View
  • Neeman's_Sock Free Shoes_Sneakers Shoes_Oval Grey Color
  • Neeman's_Comfortable Shoes For Men_Sneakers_Size_8
  • Neeman's_Casual Shoes For men_Sneakers Shoes Men
  • Neeman's_Sneakers Shoes_ Machine Washable_Sapphire_Blue Color_Front View
  • Neeman's_Sweat Free Shoes_Sneakers Shoes_Size_9
  • Neeman's_Latest Men's Sneakers_Side View
  • Neeman's_Trendy Sneakers For Men_Side view
  • Wool Classic Sneakers Neeman's
  • Wool Classic Sneakers

    Launch Price (Free Shipping & Returns)

    Oval Grey
    Natural Black
    Ruby Burgundy
    Sapphire Blue
    Size (UK)

    The classic style you’ve always loved, with the comfort you’ve always craved. It’s a win-win.

    From the park to the office to the bar, your wool classic sneakers have your back (well, your feet). With a modern yet simplistic spin on a classic silhouette, it’s a fresh take on your old favourite pair of shoes. Just comfier. And more stylish. And all-around better.

    Shoes that fit your life, Comfortably

    • Light Weight
    • Flexible
    • Comfortable
    • Breathable
    • Socks Free
    • Odor Resistant
    • Machine Washable
    • Natural & Renewable
    • Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter
    • Reduced Carbon Footprint


    You’ve never owned a shoe like this before. Neeman’s shoes are made from ultra-fine Australian Merino wool, which goes through a proprietary knitting process to create a fabric so soft and lightweight it feels like a second skin. 


    Removable padded insoles are made from foam for extra cushion and support, then lined with our unique Merino wool fabric for supreme comfort and softness. Our insoles are made from environmentally-friendly materials like castor bean oil and recycled rubber to reduce your shoe’s carbon footprint.


    Our outsoles are made from a composition of co-polymers for a perfect blend of lightweight and shock-absorbing grip. Their unique diamond pattern provides a superior grip, so you can get on with your day on steady footing, no matter what life throws at you.

    Size Chart
    UK/Indian Size Chart US Size Standard
    EU Size
    Foot Length
    6 7 39 24.6
    7 8 41 25.4
    8 9 42 26.3
    9 10 43 27.2
    10 11 45 28
    11 12 46 28.9
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