Wool Classic Sneakers


Wool Classic Sneakers

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 4.88 ( 339 )
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Wool Classic Sneakers

Rs. 3,990.00
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Step into Ultimate Comfort with Wool Classic Sneakers

A shoe or a barefoot feel, a difference you'll never know when you slip into this cushiony footwear. Neeman's Wool Classic sneakers made with super-premium merino wool are recrafted to give your feet the highest degree of comfort. Lightweight, stretchable and soft, these shoes offer steadiness by taking the shape of your feet.

Your Comfort Zone - All day, Everyday

Our Wool Classic Sneakers are designed to take the shape of your feet, making them apt for everyday wear. Likewise, the soft Merino Wool fabric is naturally flexible hence, giving the feet sufficient room to stretch and move around freely.
So, step into ultimate Comfort with these shoes.

Auto Temperature-Regulation makes them all-season wear

The breathable and incredibly fine Wool Classics are made using Merino Wool material that adjusts itself to the weather. This makes them ideal for hot days and chilly seasons as they keep your feet Cool in Summers and Warm in Winters. They undoubtedly are an all-season wear.

Lightweight, Flexible, and Durable

Wool Classic sneakers are finely crafted using a proprietary knitting method that makes them exceptionally comfortable, durable, and breathable. So, be it a usual stroll or a night out with friends, these lightweight everyday shoes will become a part of your day-to-day adventures.

Customer Reviews

Based on 339 reviews
Dharmik Nanavati
Light weight

Awesome shoes and it's very lightweight

Softer & Lighter

Shoe quality is good, Their packing is eco-friendly as products are eco-friendly, They do mention each and every instruction on the box along with washing instructions

So Cozzzyyy!

Love them! The comfort is Awesome!

Satisfied with the Brand!

Great to try out Indian Brands, Satisfactory purchase!

Gautam Sethi
Light Weight and Comfortable Shoes

The shoe is extremely comfortable and light weight. The Merino Wool is extremely comfortable and will be very good asset during winters month. During summer months the shoes tends to sweat.

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