Travel Footwear for the Wanderer in You

Attention, people, this is not a drill. The travel plans have been looking rather promising and we can barely contain our excitement. Freedom is upon us! (Not to go all sentimental on you, we just mean since the pandemic). Now that the days of captivity seem to be over (fingers crossed; please don’t jinx it!), it’s time to “step out” and RUN towards that trip you planned two years ago. And while you’re doing that, maybe look out for your feet and wear some travel footwear.

Shoes Perfect for Year-round Travel

We like to think of ourselves as the genies of footwear and hopefully, we can grant more than just three wishes of yours! So whether you’re looking to keep the sweat at bay in the desert or trying to toast up your feet high up in the mountains, we’ve got you covered. 

Neeman's Wool Joggers

Wool Joggers is our recommendation for health-conscious travelers who love exploring nature on foot. Perfect for light exercises like jogging, these shoes are light and can regulate temperatures whether you're hiking a hill in chilly weather or walking underneath the blaring sun. Our Merino Wool Joggers can be worn all day long, ensuring maximum comfort for your feet!

Wool Shoes Neeman's

Wool Shoes in Any Weather

Yes, we get it, you’re suspicious. Wool is infamous for being a warm fabric used predominantly for winter wear. How could it be appropriate for the monsoon or the summer? Well, Merino wool is cool!  Yep, this particular variety of wool can actually regulate temperatures. Its fibres with their high absorbance capture the moisture from your feet and release it as heat, keeping them dry and cool naturally. Merino wool (which is what we use) is a natural fibre grown by and obtained from merino sheep (ethically sourced of course). Popular for its moisture-management properties as explained above, this variant is lighter and softer than ordinary wool. Thus, ideal for next-to-skin use in any weather!

Fashion & Style Neeman's Wool Shoes

How to Style Your Neeman's Shoes with Your Outfits?

Not that you need to up your fashion game (you’re practically the reason for global warming; we just mean you're hot), but styling Neeman's shoes with outfits, is fairly simple. You can don them with a simple tee and some bermuda shorts or pair them with a long kurta and some chunky jewellery. At Neeman’s, we #ChangeTheNorm and create footwear that goes beyond the binary.

Shoe Style | Neeman's

Neeman's Shoes Style with Ethnic Wear

How to Care for Your Neeman’s Shoes?

Remove dirt from the upper portion of the shoe and the outsole with a wiping motion using a damp small cloth dipped in water. Place the shoes in the bag provided by Neeman’s and pop them in your washing machine on a delicate cycle. Once washed, air-dry them. Avoid drying your shoes in the washer. Read to know on How to Keep Your Neeman's Shiny.

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