You Wear Sneakers, We Plant Trees

The world is losing a significant chunk of its biodiversity at a rapid rate. The planet’s resources have been exploited for far too long. But, we say no more! We’re proud to announce that the Neeman’s team has taken up the initiative in association with Donatekart to plant trees following the launch of our brand new Tree Sneakers, to help our environment regain some of its beauty and vibrancy. For every pair of Tree Sneakers you buy, we plant more trees!

The Inspiration

The zeal to pursue this project came from our love not only for the planet but also for innovation. When we created the Tree Sneaker with TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers sourced from sustainably grown trees, we had a vision in mind; To roll out an ever-so-comfortable pair of shoes that serves the higher purpose of saving our earth from global warming just as much as it serves your feet. And we do so through our tree plantation initiative!

Tencel Lyocel for Neemans Tree Sneakers

More on the Project

Deforestation is an issue that has riddled the ecosystem not just in India but the whole world. The incessant cutting down of trees has eliminated many species of flora and fauna alike. To combat this problem, we at Neeman’s will be planting trees. This project will surely be a great step in benefitting the environment and the earth’s biodiversity.

Deforestation and Tree Plantation

Where and How?

With the launch of Tree Sneakers, our plantation initiative will begin in Maharashtra. We will be mapping out and identifying areas in desperate need of some greenery and will expand accordingly. As more and more people purchase our tree sneakers, we will stretch the project to other geographic locations in the country that could use a bit more greenery.

Tree Plantation

Our Aim

Comfort for your feet and care for the planet have always been the two core pillars of values here at Neeman’s. Our initiative to plant trees is all but a reflection of our larger aim. We hope to create sustainable footwear that revolutionizes the industry from its toes while also eradicating as many environmentally-hazardous vices as possible. We also intend to use this initiative as a means to inspire millions of other people and bigger corporations to become more conscious of their carbon footprint and take steps (in our footwear, hopefully) to do better for the planet.

Environment Friendly Sneakers

Why Choose Neeman’s?

Not to toot our own horn, but we truly believe you should choose us, for yourself, for the fashion gods, for your feet, for the environment. While we pride ourselves in making great footwear, we also aren’t restricted to just being a fashion brand. 

We’re a revolution against global warming, we’re the voice to #ChangeTheNorm. We are the hope (all with your contribution and support) for a better, cleaner, and more sustainable future.

Tree Sneakers by Neemans

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