Choosing Environment Over Climate Change

A very happy and a very green World Environment Day to all you kind humans. The environment's been saying "it's about damn time" for a while and now, we must listen. Every year June 5th comes as a reminder that there's #OnlyOneEarth (team marvel, keep the multiverse theories at bay!) and the clock is ticking… rather fast.

With that being said, all hope certainly isn't lost. People across the globe continue to become more and more aware with each passing moment and make sincere, innovative efforts to bring about real change.

Tree Plantation Drive - Team Neeman's

We, at Neeman's, are passionate about spreading awareness of the noble concept of sustainability. The Neeman's family thrives by creating sustainable and comfortable footwear made from organic & recycled materials, and we aim to be the gold standard for environmentally-friendly fashion.

Tree Plantation on World Environment Day

For the World Environment Day of 2022, Team Neeman's partnered with the good folks at Vrikshit Foundation (an NGO based in India dedicated to improving the way waste is managed and recycled in our country). Together, we conducted an effective and joyful Tree plantation drive. People from #HouseOfNeemans went out to plant trees and proved that the world still has a chance of surviving climate change, after all!

Team Neeman's at Tree Plantation Drive on World Environment Day

Planting trees, recycling plastic, and choosing sustainable fashion, on such a small scale may not seem like it makes a difference but when has the world ever been what it seems? Choosing what’s best for earth sits among the very core values of Neeman’s and the Vrikshit Foundation. This tree plantation drive was a fun way to channel our values into real actions that give our planet another chance not just to live but also to thrive. 

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