Know How To Keep Your Neeman's Shiny Always

Let's admit, we all have several pairs, whether we are shoe enthusiasts or not. However, only a couple of them make it to our favourite and go-to-shoes list. These pairs mainly provide absolute comfort and an excellent satiny and sturdy fit.

If you own a pair of Neeman's sneakers, here we have some easy tips to keep them sparkling new and in good shape that will make their life even more long-lasting.

Easy Steps To Clean Neeman’s Sneakers

  1. Remove the insoles and laces of the shoes and hand wash them separately.
  2. Wipe off any dirt from the upper and outsole using a delicate cloth and mild liquid detergent.
  3. Put them in the black bag provided in the shoebox during delivery.
  4. Now, pop them in a washing machine and ensure to select a delicate or wool cycle.
  5. Once done, keep them out in the air to dry.
  6. Viola! You have a new pair to put your best foot forward.

 Strict No | Don’ts

  1. Do not bleach or any other brightening agents
  2. Avoid soaking in a bucket of water for an extended time.
  3. Don’t machine dry your shoes. (Only Air Dry)
  4. Refrain from over-wash or washing your shoes too often.
  5. Don’t use a hard brush to scrub the materials.

So, when shoe care is so effortless, then give your favourite Neeman's that extra love by making them you're anytime, anywhere wear.

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