Know why Merino Wool Shoes are an all-time favourite

If shoe shopping is on your mind, then you are at the right place. That's because, at Neeman's, we give you vogue, provide you with comfort, and we also assist in reducing the carbon footprint.
But, choosing a style from our unmatched range can be tricky; thus, today, we'll tell you about one of our bestseller footwear- the Merino Wool Joggers and Loafers.

What makes them a popular choice?

It's the softness that comes packed with the durability of the fabric. Being inherently strong and considered the world’s finest and softest sheep’s wool, our Merino Wool range footwear is suitable for all-day wear without worrying about the terrain or the distance. Now, that’s a deadly combination.

An all-season comfy wear

      Do you know Merino Wool has a fantastic in-built quality of adapting itself to all kinds of weather? Like any warm material, merino wool is high on warmth as it insulates against cold air and thus, gives your feet a snuggly warm feeling. But in summers, the same fabric keeps your feet cool by drawing the moisture away to evaporating it into the air.
      So, if you are looking for a comfy shoe that can walk you through the changing season, we say our Merino Wool range absolutely has the attribute of becoming that favourite pair.

      Merino Wool Loafers

        Perfect pair to pack for travelling

          If travelling is a hobby, then these shoes are your perfect companion. Wondering how?
          Merino wool is incredibly lightweight and works well with all styles and occasions, which leaves more room for shopping! Also, its fine fibres allow the air to pass through easily, making them breathable and resulting in relaxed and comfortable wear, even for 12-14 hours. So, how about checking out the loafers that come in bold colours to add that extra zing to your trip.

          Merino Wool Joggers

            Apt for casual running

              Shoes made with merino wool yarn are amazingly elastic and instantly take and retain the shape of your feet. The flexibility gives the toes enough area to stretch and spread enabling you to move your feet comfortably. This makes them apt for light exercises, like running and weights. Adding an insole will further improve balance, provide agility and maintain a solid arch giving your feet more protection. Besides being naturally resistant to odour, rest assured your feet won't smell. So go for the Wool Joggers if you are looking for a shoe that can sail you through moderate exercising.

              Thus, choose your reason for buying the Merino Wool Loafer or Jogger and wear it for any reason- from completing your 10,000 steps goal or walking to a party and making a statement or travelling like never before. If you thought maintenance would be an issue, we say it can't get simpler than this. All you need to do is remove the insole and laces and toss them in the black bag and spin the machine to a delicate setting, and then an Air dry it. We have 10 colours for you; take your pick and flaunt your style.

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