Made with Recycled Tyres: Eco Flips in 5 new limited edition colours

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about tyres -
Sturdy, Long-lasting, Anti-skid and Efficient!

Our next thought, if there is a material lying in the dumps with such functional properties, we ought to look at it for our footwear. After all, 15 million tonnes of tyre waste is generated every year! Yes, it's that much, and since they take thousands of years to decompose, it puts them into the category of a major pollutant.

Thus we started procuring worn-out tyres from every possible junkyard. The next step was to clean, recycle and shred them into flakes. The chips then went through specialised machinery which converted them into a revolutionary material for one of our best-selling products!

So, here we have for you....the all-new Eco Flips in 5 new earthy tones- Sunshine Yellow, Sunset Orange, Leafy Olive Green, Coral Maroon and Soil Brown.

Before we share the revamped properties, let us tell you how we took inspiration from nature for these bright hues -

● Sunshine Yellow - Determination to stand strong each day
● Sunset Orange - Promise of renewal
● Leafy Olive Green - Resilient nature of a primary food source
● Coral Maroon - The fighting spirit of the oceans
● Soil Brown - Be humble and strong, just like the plants

But giving you the colours without features galore was not something that we were aiming to do! Thus, we added new shades and kept the basic properties of a tyre intact, making the Eco Flips 2x more -

Sturdy and Durable

Tyres are made with hard rubber, their fundamental attribute lies in their strength and endurance. Thus, the new Eco Flips are exemplary for all day, anywhere wear, with the assurance that they will be by your side just like an old friend.


As Eco Flips are created for indoor and outdoor wear, keeping them anti-skid was a prerequisite. So, when we added tyres as their core ingredient, we knew we had you firmly covered when it comes to reliability. Moreover, our rounded design on the sides adds to the safety net layer of the outsole.


If tyres are measured with efficiency, slippers are rated high on comfort. Therefore, we have provided the Eco Flips with a sponge-like footbed that adapts to the shape of your footing straightaway.


The fact about worn out or defective tyres is that it's hard to discard them as they take thousands of years to decompose. Therefore, recycling and repurposing them are some of the best ways of reducing pollution caused by tyres. Making the Eco Flips with a major pollutant, recycled compounds, and natural oils makes them significantly more sustainable yet completely safe for your skin.

With features galore, comfort, and sustainability at its core, and 5 new colours, the Eco Flips made with recycled tyres is a must-have pair.

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