Features of Neeman's Merino Wool Shoes

Neeman’s - an India based start up, brings nature to you in form of a revolutionary foot-gear! Let’s see what the benefits of these new Merino Wool Shoes are.

Merino wool is a patagonist of natural-fiber. Remarkably warm and super-soft on the skin and made out of the same Neeman’s Wool shoes are packed with a huge range of high-performance benefits for all the adventure you plan. Let’s see few of the hundreds reasons and benefits of Neeman’s Merino Wool Shoes.


Amazingly comfortable :

Comfortable Neeman's Merino Wool Mens Shoes

To crack the Myth: Not all wool are prickly,  lumpy& heavy. Neeman’s shoes are made from the world’s finest Australian Merino Wool. Our ultra soft wool fibers are very soft and durable for our different shoe styles. The Merino Wool fabric we use is devised after years of research to ensure the shoes are light weight and can be worn all year round with great next to skin comfort.


It keeps you unusually warm:

Duly thanking to its natural crease, Neeman’s shoes insulates by absorbing body heat in air pockets, keeping you warmer for longer.


It regulates your body temperature:

What really sets apart Neeman’s shoes, is its breath-ability .They release  warmth as needed to avert overheating and at the same time also helps to cool you down when conditions warm up.


Neeman’s shoes soaks up moisture:

Quick Fact: Neeman’s shoes can absorb up to 30 per cent of its weight in moisture!! Isn’t amazing? Even after this it still maintains its ability to insulate, which helps keeping you dry when you’re out.


Neeman’s shoes Say no to Odor:

Neemans Odor Resistant shoes

It’s not sweat that tangs, but the build-up of bacteria that creates a hostile smell. Unlike synthetic fiber, Merino Wool logically resists bacteria and odor retention.


Easy wash:

Because of the power to resists its odor; you don’t have to wash it as often or as meticulously as synthetics. Exposure of your shoe overnight will make sure that it freshen-sup for the following day.


Summing it up, all the natural benefits of Neemans Merino Wool Shoes , its ability to insulate,light weight,wick moisture, odor-resistance, temperature-regulation, breathablity and ability to look new forever after a machine wash ensure they are your ideal partner in any outdoor and indoor activity.

Merino wool is the perfect partner for fashion and ecofriendly. Imagine being a trend setter along with doing something for the environment and mother nature. What a bliss!

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