Taran Chhabra - Founder of Neemans

Meet the founder

Taran Chhabra is a Business Analytics Leader based in New Jersey, USA. He has helped several pharma and life sciences giants in America pivot their current operational strategy and move towards the path of growth. He has helped these giants look at various key points within their data to make better business decisions.

discovery of the finest natural fiber

Taran’s travel adventures had led him to Australia, where he discovered Merino wool. His curiosity has driven him to explore its amazing qualities and its sources. Marveling at the Merino sheep’s ability to survive the scorching summer and freezing winter of Australia, Taran set to discover the characteristics of their wool.  He was thrilled to learn that unlike regular wool, Merino wool is a lot softer , lightweight , highly breathable, odor resistant and its natural heating and cooling ability ensures it can be used all year round. These qualities made up the bulk of his conception of a good pair of shoes. 

Neemans uses the finest of Merino Wool

Ultra fine fibers of Merino Wool are used to create Neemans Merino Wool Shoes

Unique Construction of Merino fabric

 Ultra fine fibers of merino wool from Australia are soft and durable . After years of research we have partnered with the finest wool mills to craft a merino fabric which is soft for the skin and holds the test for our range of shoes.

Designed by the best

Designing a comfortable and lightweight brand of shoes had its own challenges .After years of collaborations with designers from UK and USA , Neeman's has launched three styles of shoes with the goal of reinventing designs in a more classical and simplistic approach.

Neemans Shoes Design and Evolution Process

Neemans Natural Shoe Bag

Wear Natural - Store Natural

All our customers get a 100% natural shoe bag along with a pair of our shoes

Sky is the limit

We have just begun our journey to create various products with this revolutionary natural and renewable material. We have started with shoes and are making giants steps in creating an entire universe of products. Our sincere  endeavor is to give you nothing less than the BEST and hoping for all your support in bringing this revolutionary product to ASIA.

Neemans has just begun its journey to create high quality Merino Wool Shoes

Size Chart
UK/Indian Size Chart Standard
EU Size
Foot Length
6 39 24.6
7 41 25.4
8 42 26.3
9 43 27.2
10 45 28
11 46 28.9
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