While we choose organic food , farm raised veggies - Are we really thinking about how our Shoes are made ?
Synthetic fibers and petroleum based materials are dominating the industry.  We at Neemans are moving away from doing so.


It took a couple of years of research and hard work, but it turns out there was a simple answer.

Wool - Not just any wool, but Merino Wool.

We traveled to Australia, where we discovered the impressive properties of Merino wool. We were amazed to learn that, unlike regular wool, Merino is one of the softest, lightest all-natural materials in the world. And that its all-natural temperature-regulating qualities make it usable year-round.

Ultra fine fibers of Merino Wool are used to create Neemans Merino Wool Shoes

Unique Construction of Merino fabric

Feeling inspired, we collaborated with The Woolmark Company, The Australian-based global authority on Wool, to design and develop a fabric of only the best quality for our shoes. The result is a Merino fabric which is soft for the skin and holds the test for our range of shoes.


We brought together expert Australian Merino Wool farmers and top London-based designers to change the Indian shoe industry for good. Our three signature styles were created to reinvent classic designs for a more simplistic approach, so a single pair can withstand the tests of time (and the trends that come and go).

Changing the way your wear Shoes

We have set out on a journey to create shoes with revolutionary Natural and Renewable materials. Our sincere endeavor is to give you nothing less than the BEST and hoping for all your support in bringing this revolutionary product to ASIA.

Meet the Founder

Taran Chhabra is a Business Analytics Leader based in New Jersey, USA. He has helped several pharma and life sciences giants in America pivot their current operational strategy and move towards the path of growth. His zeal to question on why comfort is under valued and why natural materials were not being chosen in the footwear industry led him to the path of creating Neemans and we all are so glad that he did..

Taran Chhabra (Founder of Neemans)


Neemans Shoe Box

Merino Wool to Shoes

Our Journey of creating India's first shoes made with revolutionary natural fibers!

Size Chart
UK/Indian Size Chart US Size Standard
EU Size
Foot Length
6 7 39 24.6
7 8 41 25.4
8 9 42 26.3
9 10 43 27.2
10 11 45 28
11 12 46 28.9

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