Neeman's Environment Contribution by making Shoes with Merino Wool

Wool is obtained from the hair of the sheep and used to make clothes to keep us warm.  However, it tended to be itchy and sometimes allergic to wear. Then, came the man-made fleece fabric which pushed wool into the dark corners and ruled the world of sportswear, warm clothing and casual wear. But nothing is permanent. Today, wool has reincarnated itself as Merino wool and is shaking the world of clothing in a way that is claiming everybody’s attention. Hailed as the ‘wonder wool’, it is staking its claim as the ultimate green and environmentally friendly fabric that is inviting all fashion designers to push their creativity and innovation to infinite possibilities. Let’s put the fabric under the radar from the green point of view.

Merino Wool- A Natural, Biodegradable and Renewable fiber

Australian Merino wool is a completely natural fiber obtained from a special breed of sheep- the Merino sheep. Known for their predominant carefree existence, this sheep is an integral part of the Australian landscape and is found everywhere from the heavy wet regions in the eastern seaboard to the dry pastures of the west.

Merino wool is a completely natural product obtained from the hair of the Merino sheep who feed on grass, water, air and plenty of sunshine.

Since Merino wool is manufactured by nature, it is crafted of a natural protein which is almost similar to the protein found in human hair. When the time comes to dispose the wool, it can be left safely in the soil where it decomposes slowly within a few years to release the coveted nitrogen-based nutrients into the soil. They serve as the best natural fertilizer to the soil, increasing its worth and valuable property several notches higher.

More than 70 million Merino sheep shed their fleece to yield us the Merino wool. Moreover, they do it every year thereby making it a completely renewable fiber source.

In the light of these properties, it is understandable why Merino fabric tops the green fabric list. The process of turning the fleece into fabric is also environment-friendly with no chemicals used in the entire process. It does not add any hazard or pollution to the environment either.

Responsible Merino Sheep Farming

Sheep farming has often been associated with cruelty to animal and unhealthy practices. However, Neeman’s takes a fresh and responsible stance on it. Committed to sustainable and responsible business practices, we ensures all our sheep farms strictly practice ethical norms and non-mulesed wool.

  • Ensure all sheep are properly fed and never suffer any thirst, hunger or malnutrition.
  • The sheep are provided adequate space and environment to be utterly comfortable as well as well-sheltered against adverse weather conditions.
  • Sheep shearing happens in a way that they lead and display their normal pattern of behavior
  • No or minimal pain or distress is inflicted on the Merino Sheep while handling them.
  • The sheep are well protected from any injuries and diseases. If contracted, they are diagnosed and treated with utmost care, love and sympathy in a hygienic environment.
  • The sheep graze is maintained on top quality without compromising the efficacy of the land.

Neemans Eco Friendly Shoes

Neemans -The Pioneer of the Merino Fabric in Asia

Merino sheep are the toughest of the breed that are excellent foragers and can survive the harshest of climate. Neemans takes a new initiative with maintaining highest standard at every phase of this fabric journey’s from pasture-to-foot to craft out some impeccable pair of shoes. Remaining completely committed to maintaining the integrity of the environment; we offer shoes that are ultra-soft to wear; high on comfort and still hold the fashion quotient climbing, unparalleled scales.

As the entire world turns its eye on conserving the environment; We here at Neemans have taken responsibility in offering our consumers- The first ever environment friendly green footwear!



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