Why are Neeman’s shoes better than others?

Why are Neeman’s shoes better than others?

So many shoes, so many choices! Should you choose leather or fabric, microfiber or mesh? How many styles do you need for life’s events -- a loafer, sneaker and dress shoe? It can be overwhelming, not to mention expensive. We have a simple suggestion to simplify your life. Try Neeman’s.

Neemans Wool Loafer



Our shoes are made with Merino Wool from Australia.

  • Sourced from Merino Sheep
  • Premium, Natural fabric
  • Light and breathable
  • Sustainable and Renewable
  • Reduces Carbon footprint of the shoe
Neemans Comfortable Merino Shoes


Neeman’s unique properties make them ideal for any climate and any situation.

  • Soft fabric that’s gentle on your feet
  • Designed for all day comfort
  • Cool in summer, warm in winter
  • Wear to work
  • Take a jog
  • Go dancing
Neemans Socks Free Shoes

Always Fresh

All that breathability and moisture-wicking means no smelly shoes.

  • Confidently take your shoes off
  • Always fresh
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • No smelly feet
  • No shoe fragrance needed
  • No ruined romantic moments
Neemans Insole

Inside Comfort

Removable Insoles made with foam for extra cushion and comfort

  • Made with Castor Bean Oil (Plant Based)
  • Replace Petroleum based foam with Recycled Rubber
  • Breathable & Washable
  • Anti-Microbial
Neemans Shoes Outsole

Outside Durability 

  • Enhanced diamond pattern for better grip
  • Includes foam and Rubber
  • Lightweight & Flexible


Try Neeman’s.
Comfortable by Design -- Natural by choice

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4 5 6.5 37 22.8
5 6 7.5 38 23.7
6 7 8.5 39 24.6
7 8 9.5 41 25.4
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