Neeman’s shares the pitch with Indian cricketers to #changethenorm

Cricket is a religion in India! Period.

We all love this sport, and we appreciate our cricketers, especially those who have dared to change the norm.

Therefore, at Neeman's, we have started a #ChangeTheNorm campaign that will feature exciting stories of change-makers who dared to challenge the conventional.

To kick off this crusade, today we have for you the story of Jasprit Bumrah, the talented pacer of the Indian team who was questioned for his action, with some even saying his bowling action was illegal. More so, he was even told that his place in the competitive Indian team was unlikely! But, he defied all odds and carved a success story that not many had anticipated.

Joining Bumrah in the #ChangeTheNorm movement is none other than a fellow cricketer who dons many hats. He is Hardik Pandya, team India's star all-rounder, who proved his merit every single time he walked on the ground and answered his critics with his performance. The journey of this free-spirited middle-order batsman and brisk seam bowler hasn't been straightforward, but what sets him apart is his focus and resilience that today places him in the league of high-achievers.

We couldn't conclude our cricketer's edition without mentioning this versatile player. Though he's a newbie to the Indian cricket team, when you watch him play, it's evident that SKY is the limit of this batsmen. He is none other than Surya Kumar Yadav, the rising star who made his debut at 30 and delivered a statement that any age is the right age to #ChangeTheNorm when you have the willpower.

We at Neeman's relate to his tale because we heard statements like sustainable footwear would not take off when we started. People also said shoes meant leather, and making them with natural resources would only make them uncomfortable.

But, we stayed focused and determined. After all, it takes one person, one company, one step to change the norm and create a revolution.

We salute icons like Bumrah and Pandya at Neeman’s because we know it's not easy to #ChangeTheNorm. We are constantly overcoming the hurdles that come our way to craft shoes that fill the gap of comfort and style while being sustainable. We are walking a path set to change behaviour, make unconventional, conventional and do something to safeguard the environment. Our every product is a step towards transforming the way we wear shoes.

The lethal bowler Jasprit Bumhra, and the flamboyant all-rounder Hardik Pandya who believes that actions create a distinction, has taken a stride forward with our ReLive Knits, one-of-its-kind shoes made with recycled plastic bottles.

Neeman's x Jasprit Bumrah x Hardik Pandya has dared to challenge the traditional to #ChangeTheNorm; now it's your turn!

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