Your Perfect Summer Staples: Eco Flips & Slides

We held onto the winters & spring for dear life as long as we could but the summer is finally here and it’s blazing. Though the surge of heat brings along an unpleasant kind of torment, we have to admit, the summer does have its perks. Enjoying two-month-long summer vacations, sipping on orange-flavoured Rasna or Tang (if you were one of “those” kids), bringing out the shorts, and running about the streets without sunscreen are just some of the many memories we’ve collectively experienced, all thanks to summers.

Now that we’re a lot older & less petty (lol, lies), most of the enthusiasm or disdain (no judgment here folks) we possess for the summer is directed towards finding appropriate fits, focusing on footwear. And if you’re someone who doesn’t really pay attention to what their summer footwear will be, perhaps you should because heat and boots are a toxic couple whose love-child is sweat!


Safe to say, we’ve got our fair share of heat from Kate and Antony’s chemistry this season and require no more! Perhaps it is time for a trip to the modiste (read: this blog) so that we may flip & slide through the summer.

Eco Flips

Eco flips - Neemans - Made from recycled tryes

Also known as thong slippers (don’t ask), Eco Flips are one of the most convenient, comfortable, widely available, and versatile footwear in the history of humankind. Known as a “chappal” in Hindi, flip-flops are a very affordable footwear option that can be worn by people of all ages. They make for an excellent grip between the sole and your feet, which ensures a faster & safer walk.

Eco Slides

Eco Slides - Neemans - Made from recycled tyres

Getting their name from their actual functionality i.e. sliding your feet in,  Eco Slides are the bougie cousin of slippers when it comes to the family of loungewear for your feet. This “Angrezi chappal” as most would call it, is probably the NRI with the hip accent and there’s no denying that it’s much cooler. Slides have made rounds all over the world in the past couple of years. They’re easy to pair with outfits, even easier to wear and give a new definition to low-effort looks.

Lucky for us, both Eco Slides & Eco Flips pair well with western clothing. You could pick a funky-coloured flip flop, pair it with some bermuda shorts, an oversized t-shirt, and head to the nearest beach for a laid-back day, or hit the club with some classy black slides, a mini skirt, and a mesh crop top. A pair of flip-flops can make your sundress look appropriately casual and those cool slides could very well elevate the solid tee and denim look while keeping you at the highest level of comfort.

Eco Flips - NeemansEco Flips - NeemansEco Flips - Neemans

How to Care for Your Flips & Slides?

If your slides and flips are made of cloth, then it’s mostly safe to chuck them in the washing machine and let it run its magic. If your favorite pair is made with recycled rubber, like Neeman’s Eco Flips then these can be placed directly under running water to get rid of dirt and wiped down with a cloth. And if you’re donning a pair of Neeman’s Eco Slides, which are made with recycled PET bottles, those can be submerged in room-temperature water for a bit and scrubbed down with a soft-bristle toothbrush. Please make sure to only use mild detergent when cleaning. Your footwear can be just as sensitive as your face.

Neemans Eco Flips

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