Care to “Sneak” a New Pair of Neeman’s?

*Drumroll please* Introducing the coolest pair of sneakers in town by none other than yours truly! Not to toot our own horn, but we did some sneaky sorcery and created yet another revolutionary pair of shoes, only this time they’re made with trees! Too wood to be true? Keep reading to find out!

Neeman’s Tree Sneakers

The newest addition to the Neeman’s family, Tree Sneakers are our pride and joy. Much like all of our other footwear ranges, these too care for your feet as well as the planet! Made with TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres (produced with wood pulp fibre like Eucalyptus), these shoes connect your feet with nature like no other.

Neeman's Tree Sneaker: Pine Green

 More on the Material

Okay… Tree shoes? What’s the tea? (or shall we say; what’s the tree?). Our new Tree Sneakers are lined with TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres. This fabric is no stranger to the world of fashion. First produced commercially some 30 odd years ago, it has rightfully managed to acquire quite the fame as the environment-friendly, plant-based, sustainable, and ever so “silky” fabric. And we have to agree! The fabric itself is authentically made from fibres extracted only from sustainably-sourced wood of fast-growing Eucalyptus trees. In fact, these trees are planted & cared for solely with the intention of creating the material in question. They’re also grown away from biodiverse hotspots to minimize threats to the ecosystem. Our shoes made with TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres are no less than a hug for your feet (and for the environment too)!

 Neeman's Tree Sneakers: Indigo Blue

 Truly Comfortable, Treely Sustainable

It wouldn’t be a true Neeman’s pair of footwear (rhyme intended) if we didn’t pay homage to our core tenets; Comfort for your feet, Sustainability for the planet (and a little extra spice for Fashion). We created Tree Sneakers intending to provide your feet with optimum comfort and functionality, while also minimizing the damage done to our Earth at the hands of the fashion industry. The best part? No trees were harmed in the process!

 Neeman's Tree Sneakers: Birch White

 Other Important Features

  1. Breathable Fabric - For footwear to be tree-ly comfortable, breathability is key. And the botanic origin (FSC certified) wood-based fibers we use is nothing if not breathable!
  2. Gentle to the Skin - TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres have been certified safe for next-to-skin contact, meaning it is perfect for people with sensitive skin! Bye-bye Bacteria - Due to their high breathability (so no sweaty feet) and the fact that they can be washed easily, our Tree Sneakers are very unfavourable to bacterial growth.
  3. Highly Absorbent - The build of these sneakers allows for maximum absorption of moisture, so you can ditch the socks without worrying about the icky feel!
  4. Lightweight and Flexible - Our sneakers are light as a feather so they won’t weigh you down whether you’re running to a “sneaky” link or simply running errands. Not to forget, they are super flexible, so you don’t have to worry about creases!
  5. Padded Sole - The heel and insole are lined with bamboo fabric & recycled rubber for extra softness, maximum cushioning and padded support.


 Packaging and More

You’re probably sold on just how tree-some (like awesome, get it?) our sneakers are anyway, here are a few cool things about the packaging we use.

We’re very proud of how we pack our footwear for shipping and our packaging (which is also recycled btw!) sets us apart. With your order, you get a plantable paper leaflet that gives you information about the origin of your shoe and a few important instructions. Once done reading, simply plant it in fertile soil, water it judiciously and wait for it to sprout!

Through our shoes, we want to impart a sentiment of love towards the environment. When you buy Tree Sneakers from us, we will plant trees. Because we aren’t just stopping at delivering hugs for your feet but want to give a warm hug to the environment too.

 Neeman's Tree Sneaker: Barley Beige

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