Wool Classic Sneakers - Your Summer Companion

You asked, and we listened. Drumrolls please 🥁, on popular demand, coolest, comfiest footwear has strutted back in town, and let us tell you, it’s here to stay. Just when you thought it was near impossible to find a sneaker that checked all the boxes: comfortable, environment-friendly, fashionable enough to withstand the whirlwind of trends, durable, and versatile, Neeman’s came to the rescue with another exemplary addition to its Wool edition with the Wool Classic collection.

wool classic sneakers - neemans

We, at Neeman’s are proud and stoked to announce the launch of our latest pair of sneakers, made with Merino wool. A super comfortable pair that is not only breathable but can also regulate temperature for your “hard-walking” feet due to the light material.

They’re Sustainable!

Anyone who joins the Neeman’s family and chooses the well-being of planet Earth knows the dedication with which we design and produce our footwear. Our sneakers are no different! Made with the same material, i.e. Merino wool used in our flagship product Wool Joggers, these wool sneakers are not only recyclable but also biodegradable, which makes it good for you and for the planet! wool classic sneakers - coal black - neemans

They’re Long-Lasting!

Created with our planet in mind, our Merino wool sneakers are meant to last (we believe a lot longer than the entirety of Grey’s Anatomy and that certainly lasted more than a hot minute!) so you spend much less of that precious coin on this uber durable pair of sneakers in the long run. These sneakers are also super easy to care for! Stepping into cow poo or spilling cocktails need not be a concern anymore. Just chuck them into your washing machine and wait for a brighter pair of shoes to emerge once the cycle ends!

They’re Comfortable!

Our Wool sneakers provide maximum assistance to help your feet move freely and can be worn all day long without breaking a sweat. This is because of the extra padding of the insoles that promise extra support to your dainty feet. Made with knitted fabric, the material of the sneakers is light, and stretchable (trust us, it could do a full split if it was a person!) and hugs your feet just right. comfortable wool classic sneakers -  neemans

They’re Odour Resistant!

If there is one thing we dislike more than having to hunt down a matching pair of socks, it has to be dealing with stinky shoes. Our Wool Classic Sneakers solve both problems at the same time! They embrace your feet as they are without the pesky socks and in turn, make sure you have an airy and cool experience (read: sweat & odour-free), no matter how long you wear them.

They’re Versatile!

One of the key features that stand unanimous and constant in all our ranges of footwear is versatility. And our Wool Classic Sneakers have happily joined the party! They’re a perfect addition to any wardrobe. You could amp up a basic tee and jeans outfit with these adaptable sneakers or don them and add a fun & unique flare to an elegant dress. The possibilities are endless, and so are the personalities one may rock with these sneakers! grey quill - wool classisc sneakers - neemans - versatile

They’re Unisex!

We, at Neeman’s, believe in #ChangingTheNorm and attempt to neutralize fashion and make it accessible to everyone by offering unisex footwear. By choosing Neeman’s, you leave the dreadful binaries behind and bring light to what’s important, individuality and comfort. These sneakers aren’t just shoes - they’re a boost of confidence, they’re a revolution against global warming, they’re an expression of creativity but most importantly, they’re whatever you want them to be.

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