Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mom Will Love

*Pssst, PSSSSTT* If you didn’t remember, here’s a gentle reminder that Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we're so sooooooo excited. You may not be the poster child of Bollywood the entire year but you get ONE day to make up for it. And we say, do not pass up on that opportunity, friends! If you’re not a great gift-giver, or simply can’t figure out what your mom will like (no shock there, they can be kinda hard to please), we’ve got you covered! Sure, you could settle for a boring, lack-luster gift that screams “last minute” but where’s the fun in that?? We’ve curated a bunch of cool and unique gift ideas (which may or may not get you off the hook for those incomplete chores) to make the most amazing woman in your life, feel like a true queen!

“Gift” Ideas for this Mother’s Day

  • Treat her to a good manicure! There’s nothing that makes one feel quite as powerful as well-done nails. Let’s get real, moms pamper us hard and seldom do they get pampered. A fun manicure sesh may be all that your mom needs to lift her spirits (plus, nail tapping noises on the phone screen get you bonus points; french tips supremacy)!


  • Cook her a nice meal. The stove may just be your nemesis, (that is if you don’t really know how to light it) but that’s no reason for not making a fantastic dish for your mother! Ask her to sit down, watch a movie, maybe take a much-deserved nap or just get her to visit Nani-maa . Run to the store, gather your ingredients and take over the kitchen. Don’t forget to drag your Dad in along with the lazy siblings (you could honestly use the help) and get to cookin’, good-lookin’.
  • Spend a mother-child day together at the spa! Okay, here’s the deal. Moms work a LOT. They manage families, households, chores, finances, jobs, and everything in between. Kinda like Clark Kent (non-DC people read: Superman), but better! It’s only fair that they get some time off, even nicer if y'all spend that time bonding. So, put your “adult” pants on and take your mother out for a nice, fun day at the spa, followed by a trip to the movies maybe? And show her that she deserves to relax & unwind every once in a while.


  • Buy her what she wants. To put it bluntly, being a mother is an expensive affair. Between all the groceries, fuel, education, clothes, electronics, and a bazillion other things, moms kind of just stop spending coins on themselves. So, this is the perfect time to buy for your mom that cute bag she’s been eyeing. Perhaps, you could get her that overpriced lipstick or the accessories that have been out of stock forever, maybe some precious jewelry she thought was too expensive, a club membership, a new smartphone, or just about anything she’d want!
  • Take over her chores for the day. Dusting? Mopping? Doing the dishes? Folding the laundry? Feeding the family pet? Do. It. All. And, just let her have a sleep-in kind of day.
  • Get her a comfortable pair of shoes.

ReLive Knits Slip Ons

Moms are always on their feet. Running about, doing 500 different things all at once, putting even Usain Bolt to shame with just how hard-working and efficient they are! So it’s only appropriate for them to be in comfortable shoes throughout their day, whether they’re at work, running errands, or working out. The ReLive Knit Slip Ons from Neeman’s are the perfect pair for your perfect mom. They’re easy to wear & super comfortable, can be worn all day long without sweaty feet, and are made of recycled plastic bottles (so great for mother nature too!). It’s a win-win!

A very Happy Mother’s Day to all the cool, kind and beautiful moms out there!

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