White Sneakers | The Quintessential Addition Your Wardrobe Needs

Oh, the white sneakers… We have to admit, there’s nothing quite sneaky about the way these rose to fame, from their initial release in the 1970s to the present day. With a sleek, laid-back design, unparalleled versatility, and just enough edge to make them relatable, these shoes have revolutionized wardrobes, worldwide.

Neeman's white sneakers

The last decade has seen another hike in the market presence of classic white sneakers. They truly are this century's “hot commodity”. Find out why these need to be in your collection. Keep reading to know some pro tips on how to style them!

Why do White Sneakers Deserve a Spot in Your Shoe Rack?

They’re versatile! Y’all, it’s time you believe this fact: a pair of white sneakers can truly go with just about anything! Skirts? Jeans? Dhotis and lehengas? Yes, yes, and double yes!

Styling White Sneakers from Neemans

They take the spotlight off your outfit! Don’t you have days when your #OOTD just isn’t serving, you’re in a hurry, and there’s “nothing to wear”? White shoes to the rescue! They can draw attention away from your ‘no-effort-look-gone-wrong’. Can you really ask for more? “Ew, no David.”

They’re for everyone! Men, women, non-binary icons, gen Z, millennials, and boomers, literally anybody can wear them and look agelessly snazzy!

Fashion of White Sneaker Style men & woman - Neeman

They put your look together! White sneakers are the quickest way to add value to your fit without throwing off the whole look… They can add a touch of elegance to an otherwise loud outfit, or can give you a “this one does things different” look when shoes paired with formals

Style White shoes with office or formal wear

They’re trendy always! White sneakers have been in style for some 50-odd years and brands (both affordable and super-expensive ones) have proved that they’re here to stay, and we aren’t complaining!

How to Style White Sneakers with Different Outfits

Experiment. They’re called versatile for a reason! Put them together with all sorts of crazy combinations and roll with what comes of it. Don’t knock it till you try it. Capische?

Wear them with neutral colours if you’re going for a refined, “has it together” look. Beige, shades of grey (don’t think there are 50 of them), browns and pastels are your friends!

How To Style White Shoes - Neeman's

Wear them with stark contrasting hues if you want to make a statement, basic B. Blood-red, coral, aquamarine, vermillion, amethyst… the (colour) wheel’s your oyster, baby!

Bring them out in autumn and winter. When people start to shift to the broody, darker colours as the temperature drops, don your bright white sneakers for a rebellious change.

White Shoes Wardrobe Staple - Neemans

Pair them with ethnic outfits. Bold colours in traditional clothing, chunky jewellery and your classic white sneakers make a deadly (read: gorgeous) combination.

Style Your White Sneakers with Traditional

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