SuperLight Footwear for a SuperChill You

In the era of strict deadlines, heavy workload and heavier stress, our footwear is the last thing we need weighing us down. In such testing times, you asked and asked… for a pair so light, you barely know it's there! How dare we not deliver? Introducing the newest, the coolest, SuperLight Flips & Slides from the House of Neeman’s, First of Their Kind, and a Treat to Your Feet.

SuperLight Flips & Slides

The latest additions to Neeman’s footwear, the SuperLight Flips & Slides are our pride and joy. Created with a vision to offer our loyal customers and those new to our family, footwear that is light and comfortable for your feet! The inspiration behind this collection comes from our core tenets; Comfort, and innovation!

The new collection of SuperLight footwear offers 3 choices of SuperFun and versatile colors for you! : They come in neutrals, refreshing and bold.

Neeman's SuperLight Slippers

Oh, My Features!

The SuperLight Flips & SuperLight Slides are both created with odour-neutral, non-toxic, materials that are safe for next-to-skin use. Due to their low density, they’re extremely lightweight. They’re waterproof, hence perfect for the monsoon or a trip to the beach. With a glossy appearance and softness (read: maximum comfort for your feet), we’re not sure it could get much better than this… Only, it can! The SuperLight collection is highly abrasion resistant and has shock absorption properties, thus protecting your feet from missteps.

Reasons You Need Our SuperLight Range in Your Life

  • Our footwear is versatile! Whether you’re working from home, showing up at the office for Casual Fridays, on a holiday, simply running errands, going to a pool party with friends, or enjoying an evening at the movie with family, you can keep it SuperLight everywhere with our new collection.

Neeman's Superlight Flips & Slides | Lightest Footwear

  • The grip is great! The outsole in this collection allows for a smoother walk without the risk of falling, no matter the surface! So whether you’re chilling by the poolside or walking on muddy roads during monsoon, with our SuperLight range, the only “slipping” you’ll have will be “slipping into cool footwear”!
  • Friends with water! Our SuperLight range is designed to be water-friendly, meaning no risk of ruining your footwear, even if it's left in water too long!

Waterproof Slippers | Neeman's SuperLight Flips

  • Your feet deserve it! You’ve been wearing stumpy, heavy, uncomfortable footwear for far too long! That changes today! Give your hard-walking (pun intended) a much-needed SuperLight stride.

Lightest and most comfortable footwear | Neeman's

  • Because it's fun! When was the last time you did something for yourself, just because you wanted to? You don’t remember? Thought so! Invest in one of the funkier colours of the collection and enjoy it because you can! A little shopping never hurt anybody…

Footbed Details to Know

Lightest Slippers from Slippers

The following details help in giving you a better understanding on how our SuperLight collection can help your feet and improve your overall foot health, all the while making you ever so stylish!

  1. Toe Grip: The SuperLight flips & slides have a small depression at the front of the footbed that allows for a comfortable grip and supports the natural rolling motion of your toes.
  2. Arch support: The arch support along the interior sides of footbed in both the SuperLight ranges, braces the bones in your feet and provides stability.
  3. Exterior cup: Present in both the flips and the slides, this cup provides stability to the back of your foot. It activates your calf muscles, improves the walking motion, and supports natural walk. This cup is molded into our SuperLight collection in order to scoop-in the heel bones of your feet in their natural position.
  4. Metatarsal Support: Running throughout the middle of the footbed, this feature in both pair, provides support to bones of your foot. It ensures that your feet have a naturally straight solid stance.
  5. Raised Edges: Going around the entire perimeter of the flips/slides, this feature prevents your feet from slipping out of the footbed, meaning a better grip.

SuperGentle Care for Your SuperLight Footwear

To ensure your foot wear stays in tip-top condition, take the following precautions during usage or when cleaning them:

  • Wash using only cold water. Hot water can cause damage to the material!
  • Don’t use harsh detergents. Try cleaning your flips/slides with just water. If you need to get rid of the stubborn stains, use a mild detergent.
  • While drying your SuperLight flips or slides post-wash, keep them away from direct sunlight and dry them at a place with shade.

Why Choose Neeman’s?

At Neeman’s, we aim to revolutionize the footwear industry by its dime. We wish to reduce the physical and emotional stress that we suffer at the hands of inadequate footwear that only weighs us down. Feet are perhaps our hardest working body parts and we recognize that. Our latest collection is an attempt to treat your feet with the comfort they deserve. So, prepare to feel SuperLight and look super cool as you walk (in our footwear, hopefully) towards a lighter future!

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