SuperLight Flips & Slides: Your Styling Mantra At Your Fingertips

If you are one of those folks who like to roll in style, you surely don’t want your footwear to put a dent in your fashion sense. At Neeman's, we understand the importance of footwear styling, be it any season of the year. We constantly strive to push the limits of fashion without compromising comfort. So get ready for a breath of fresh air with our latest and coolest footwear additions- the SuperLight Flips and Slides. 

Designed to offer the ultimate comfort, these are light as a feather, so much so, that you won’t even feel a thing on your feet when you step into the new SuperLight footwear. They come with a myriad of eye-sparkling features which also happen to be super modish. With a shiny and smooth texture, the SuperLight footwear can be styled with almost any sort of apparel. Formal, semi-formal, casuals? You name it!

Slipper Styling Neemans

Neeman’s SuperLight Flips and SuperLight Slides are a testament to comfort in all types of weather, except maybe winters. While the comfy flip-flops can make your outdoor and indoor strolls breezy like a Sunday morning, the stylish slides might very well boost a basic shirt and jeans combination while keeping your feet at the heights of comfort. So don’t sweat it much, get yourself a pair today and cut a dash with the new Neeman’s SuperLight footwear collection.

The Minimalism Masters

Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, the SuperLight Flips and Slides work in all sorts of environments. These could be the perfect choice for minimalism fanatics particularly. For nailing a minimalistic look, you can choose any one of the sober colours for slides which come in classic black, superlight violet, teal blue, cyan, and creamy white. 

Men can pair them with a minimalistic solid-coloured t-shirt and cargo shorts, which could be any of your favourite colours. You can add even more class by donning a plain polo t-shirt along with some knee-length shorts. Or put on a creamy white shirt with some minimalist pattern, pair them with any funky coloured shorts (orange preferably) and you’re good to go. This one can work like a charm if you simply add a classy wristwatch to your styling.

styling white slide - sustainable fashion

For women, the blue slides matched with a pair of distressed denim, knee-ripped jeans will do, if you want an elegant look. This style can be worn anywhere, whether you are chilling indoors or hitting the field outdoors. Moreover, if you’re planning to stroll on a breezy day when there’s no sign of sun outside, put on a pink peacoat and slide in the SuperLight cyan slides. The greenery outside is only going to complement your style, all while your feet are feeling as breezy as the day.

comfortable all day wear slippers | superlight by Neemans

You can even chill in an open space in your house, like the roof or balcony or any other such setting outdoors with the comfy creamy-white slides and match them with wide-legged brown trousers. Whether you are reading a book, having your evening coffee, or just socialising outside with your gang, you can do it all in poise with Neeeman’s SuperLight footwear. 

Fashion that doesn’t drains with water

Don’t let the monsoon or fear of water wash away your grace, add our SuperLight range to your styling. Their waterproof feature makes them, suffice to say, the go-to choice when you’re heading to the beach or during monsoon season.

You can jump in your favourite swimsuit and hit the pool without worry when you have the SuperLight Flips or Slides on. Both their soles have an impressive grip with no chance of slipping. The SuperLight Flip-flops are particularly suitable in watery environments and they look absolutely cool, even if they come in contact with water. 

beach fashion | waterproof slippers | Neemans SuperLight Flips

Western clothes go great with the SuperLight Slides and flip-flops. For a carefree day at the beach, choose a funky-coloured flip-flop and match it with some Bermuda shorts and an oversized t-shirt. Conversely, dress elegantly in black slides, a miniskirt, and a mesh crop top if you’d like a walk near the seashore or any water body for that matter.

The SuperLight collection will always enhance your style, whether you're lounging by the pool or strolling on muddy roads during a downpour.

Your Walk Mates

You can’t always wear shoes or boots every time you head out, Can you? Choosing the right footwear can sometimes be pretty annoying. You don’t wanna wear heavy shoes just for a small walk and if you go out in flip-flops, it gets kinda embarrassing especially if they don’t suit your clothing style. Enter our SuperLight line of footwear, which are fashionable in every sense of the word.

Don a sturdy look with the brownish or navy green top or a simple half-sleeve shirt. To add a stark contrast to your look put on bright coloured SuperLight slides (orange or cyan suitably). This is as bold as it gets. You can step out in utter confidence with this combination whether it is for a small walk or for having a little jog around the block. 

Comfortable all day wear

Alternatively, you can put on an oversized t-shirt or a fitted tank top with complementary coloured cargo shorts or pants, along with the blue superlight slides to mix things up a little bit. This works completely fine for outdoor chores too, especially if it’s a hot day outside. 

On the simple side of things, you can just rock the cyan slides with the classic all-white look to make a round-off statement. But if you don’t want too much white, then you can embrace the dark side as well without a doubt. Just don’t forget to put on a matching pullover or a cardigan along with the obvious off-white slides, over those completely dark clothes that you wear from top to bottom.

Styling your slides by Neemans

If you’re in a sporty mood, pair your sportswear which may include lowers or full-sleeved polos, with the all-around black SuperLight slides preferably.

Elegance Redefined

It is pretty evident that the right set of footwear can define your elegance. Try the following tips and styling options to redefine the way you approach footwear fashion:

Put on the SuperLight Flips or the slides along with any of your favourite casuals. An oversized tee, a distressed denim bib over for the ladies, and a pair of blue ripped (or plain) jeans simply paired with our new footwear can work wonders for your casual day-to-day styling.

Sustainable Fashion | Neemans

Grab a full-sleeve or a half-sleeve shirt with the lightest shade of purple, and pair it with white knee-ripped jeans and the purple SuperLight slides. This is the ultimate power look which oozes out personality traits like creativity, wisdom and nobility.

Ecofriendly & styling SuperLight Slides by Neemans

For the most serene and inspirational look, don a couple of all-blue top and bottom wear. Grab matching colour flips from the SuperLight collection, and just use a good ol’ plain or polo T-shirt or a plain blue top for women along with the right pair of blue denim jeans and you’ve got your desired look far more easily than you ever thought.

SuperLight Flips | Neemans

If you want a more wholesome vibe along with elegance and comfort, you can step into any one of the sober coloured flips and complement it with a set of elementary top and bottom wear (Green, white or blue aptly). It just doesn’t get any more elegant than that.

SuperLight Slides | Neemans

Your footwear can either complete or wreck any look you strive for. As a person with good fashion taste and an eye for style, you seek good-looking footwear without sacrificing your comfort along the way. Our latest collection of SuperLight Slides and Flips is designed by keeping exactly that in the mind. So don’t compromise on your comfort anymore and redefine your footwear fashion with our newest SuperLight footwear.

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