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Regardless of whether you are going for a vacation or a backpacking trip; the shoes that you choose for travel is perhaps the most critical and difficult decision to make. Your entire dream of being footloose and fancy-free can go down the drain with the wrong choice of shoes. Neeman’s shoes can be your ultimate travel companion which can take your experience to a much higher plane. How? Read on:

Geared for high comfort and walkability

No matter which destination you travel; it is best discovered on foot. You would inevitably be required to walk up the steps or walk for miles, often with your luggage in tow. Imagine doing this in a pair of high heels or any other type of shoes ! You will end up with sore feet and probably blisters by the end of the day! But if you are replacing them Neeman’s shoes; you would be wonderfully delighted. Incredibly soft and comfortable to wear; they are designed for long walks and all other activities that come with traveling. Shockproof, non-slippery, breathable fabric, memory-foam insoles, etc. are just some key features that make Neeman’s Merino shoes the best travel shoes you would own.

No compromise with style

Most often, style and comfort do not go hand in hand. However, the story changes with Neeman’s shoes. Not only are they high on comfort but impressive in style and fashion quotient as well. They are terrific for rough terrain and wilderness. Simultaneously, you can walk with cool aplomb in a sophisticated restaurant, bar or club while adorning your Neeman’s shoes. The versatility of these shoes is a traveler’s delight.

Lightweight and packable

We are all aware of the unwritten law of traveling light. Unfortunately, most shoes pack quite a weight. If you pack two or three pairs of shoes; you pile up sizeable weight and luggage. You might even be required to pay for extra baggage in the airport. The stress diminishes with Neeman’s shoes. Crafted from Merino wool fabric, these are incredibly lightweight and even packable. You can effortlessly pack two to three pair of shoes in your luggage. It would be just like adding a few pairs of clothes. You can even pack them in your hand luggage! They take minimal space leaving you enough room to pack all other essentials. No wonder! These are dream shoes for any travel plans.


Traveling inevitably makes your shoes grimy and dirty! Wash your Merino shoes and watch them sparkle back to being as good as new. Thus, you need not pack a multitude of shoes. Just two or three pairs would see you even through a long vacation in style!

 Fresh feet

Apart from all above-mentioned advantages, Neeman’s shoes have several other characteristics that make it the most coveted shoes. They can soak up a surprising amount of moisture and wick it away to the atmosphere keeping your feet dry and warm. This kills any situation where dreadful bacteria can thrive and create that awful odor in your shoes and feet. Thus, you are free of all woes like wet feet, stink, etc. that is commonly associated with wearing shoes.


Given the advantages and benefits of Neeman’s shoes; it is easy to surmise that it is the best pair of travel shoes that you can gift yourself while on the go. Now that the brand is launching the shoes in India; almost every Indian can look forward to an enhanced traveling experience with it both in India and abroad!

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