These Shoes Come with a Prizetag!

Welcome, fellow footwear connoisseurs! Diwali season is finally upon us. The aroma of delicious confectionery hangs in the air, lights begin to shimmer in the night sky and if this poor attempt at poetry is any indication, we’re really non happy you’re here to celebrate with us! To kick off the festivities, we at Neeman’s bring you a contest so fun, you’ll be “sneaking” (hopefully in our shoes) to join the party…

What’s in it for you?

Ather giveaway by Neeman's

It wouldn’t be an awesome contest without its awesome prizes, would it? The top 3 shoppers who spend the highest amount on their purchases from (should we let you in on a little secret?), we present to you an EcoFriendly Sale of up to 50% on all the products and increase your chance to win an Ather Electric Scooter (model 450X). The more you spend, the higher your chances of winning. It’s that simple! On top of that, through the tried & tested method of a lucky draw, 30 lucky shoppers will stand a chance to win a Noise Smartwatch (model Colorfit Pro4). 

Noise giveaway by Neeman's

What’s the eligibility?

To be able to participate, you must:

  1. Be a real person (duh!), be an adult (18 years & above), and be an Indian resident.
  2. Not a Neeman’s employeeby us and not related to our employees (sorry!)

How do you participate?

We see we’ve piqued your interest. To enter the leaderboard for the prizes, all you gotta do is make a valid purchase on our official website.

How long did this go on?

The contest’s duration went hand-in-hand with our Eco-friendly Festive Sale! (what a fun, rewarding way to save money) from 14th October 2022 at 12:00 am IST and ended on 23rd October 2022 at 11:59 pm IST.

When does the winner get rewarded?

We’ll declare the contest’s winners on our website on 4th November 2022. If you’re one of them, we’ll reach out to you and you’ll be united with your prize consequently. Obviously, once you claim the prize, it cannot be returned to us! We’d love for you to take it home. Good luck!

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