Introducing Fluffy Flips | What the Fluff?

Remember the good old days when we were all working from home? The pandemic struck, and suddenly all of us were working from home. We went from loving it to hating it to loving it back. Although people's opinions on working from home differ, the one thing we've all gone back to is comfort. From clothes to shoes to everything, comfort is a non-negotiable for us. 

Fluffy Flips for Your Feet

Neeman's brings the newest product launch, Fluffy Flips, our edgy take on the classic flip flops. These pretty sets of flip-flops come with the softest cushioned footbed and make you feel like you're on a cloud! 

Comfortable Slippers by Neemans - Fluffy Flips

What Sets Us Apart from Other Flip Flops? 

Extremely Comfortable: Fluffy Flip are the most comfortable type of footwear. They are attached with a very homely feeling since most of us wear flip-flops at home. Doctored especially for comfort, these flip-flops transport your mind straight to your home and keep you there!

Extra Soft: Shakespeare might have made sense when he said, "what's in a name?" but not in this case! Fluffy flips do complete justice to their name and are the softest and fluffiest footwear you can put your feet (hands) on. Besides, who said we had to limit the flip-flops to merely comfort? Why can't we give them some floof and make them look the part?

Trendy Looks: The design team brainstormed and finally came up with a design you can pull with almost any look. Our design looks equally good when paired with cute overalls, pretty pyjamas, dresses, etc., and we take you through the day with their trendy looks.

Slippers, FlipFlop Neemans

Multipurpose: Not only do these pretty Fluffy flips compliment multiple clothes, but they are also pretty multipurpose. You can chill in them at home, take a walk, or party the weekend away at a getaway without going for a change of footwear.

Eco-Friendly: Apart from all the cute-looking shabang, these slippers are eco-friendly. They are curated with natural rubber, recycled tires & EVA; keeping in mind the sustainability Neeman's promises, they are practically a soft hug from us to Mother Earth!

Ecofriendly Slippers Neeman

Sturdy Design: As comfortable as flip flops are, there's always a risk of losing teeth if you slip (which happens more often than you think). The outsole made of recycled rubber provides Fluffy flips, ensuring their anti-skid quality and making them relatively durable in all seasons. 

Fluffy Flips by Neemans

Treat your feet to the party that Fluffy flips are, and get ready to experience comfortable footwear like never before. Their extra soft footbed, anti-skid quality, unisex design and environmentally conscious attitude, teamed with creating sustainable footwear, sets us apart from the other brands. Buy a fluffy flip and give your feet the TLC it needs today! 

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