Classic Loafers Made Better with Recycled Plastic Bottles

Brace your palms for impact, folks.. because the new ReLive Knit Loafers deserve nothing less than a huge round of applause! Welcome back, old friends and hello to new ones. You heard it right. We’ve done it again! At Neeman’s, we’re back again with yet another revolutionary pair of footwear that promises to complete your wardrobe and delivers (if you take our word for it).

What’s the Material?

It wouldn’t be an authentic pair of Neeman’s without its charm of sustainability, would it? The ReLive Knit Loafers, like our other ReLive ranges, are made primarily of recycled plastic. Old PET bottles are recycled and broken down into small chips. These chips are further processed and later spun into yarn. This yarn is used to make our leading fabric which is then used to line the outside of the loafers. The sole of the shoe is designed to provide comfort and extra grip, featuring rubber-pad soles that extend up to the back of the heel. Strategically placed studs on the sole provide better traction and give you unrestricted wear and flex suited to your walking style.

ReLive Knit Loafer Composition - Sustainable Men's Footwear


The Style and the Build…

If countless renditions of the bond movies have taught us anything, it’s the fact that classic is best. This new pair of Neeman’s with a classic loafer silhouette is the pioneer of footwear essentials for men. It embodies a chic, contemporary design perfect to up your fashion game and become  complete with its ease of wear. So, quit slipping for red flags and start slipping into our ReLive Knit Loafers!

Men Styling - Knit Loafer

Let’s Talk Features…

In our best Chandler impression, “Could it get any better?” Yes, it can!

  • The sleek & modern design provides elegance and grace to an otherwise masculine pair of loafers.
  • The bamboo fabric lining the insole is highly breathable and possesses anti-microbial properties, meaning sweat-free and odour-free feet all day long.
  • The slip-on feature of the loafers is complete with a specially added low-cut that leaves the ankle exposed so that we can kiss those nasty shoe bites a long and permanent goodbye!
  • The outsole of the loafers features strategically placed natural rubber studs that provide extra grip and support your natural gait. The rubber sole also extends up the back of the heel, reinforcing a comfortable grip and unrestricted wear throughout the day.
  • The loafers are lightweight, flexible and stylish
  • They’re easy to care for! They can be machine washed on the gentle cycle and later air-dried. Keep in mind to avoid prolonged exposure to heat and sun when not in use.

Curious about Colors?

Alright, you get it. The new loafers are awesome. So, what’s the catch? Waiting for the other shoe to drop (pun intended)? Well, you may be waiting a while because the only catch here is the pair your feet can’t wait to slip into. The loafers are available in 6 attractive colors: Jet Black, Steel Grey, Navy Blue, Very Olive, Syrup Brown, and Extra Honey (Beige). So good luck trying to pick just one (or take our advice and just get them all!)

Neeman's ReLive Knit Loafers - Collection Image

Who Can Wear Them?

We’re delighted to announce that this pair is a fun change from our usual unisex footwear. These loafers are designed primarily for men. (Psst! They’d make the perfect gift for the upcoming men’s day! *adds to cart*) Whether you’re a corporate junkie, a doctor by day & a YouTuber by night, or just someone who loves walking, the ReLive Knit Loafers are your practical yet stylish best friends!

Styling Your Neeman's ReLive Knit Loafers | Sustainable Fashion

And Where?

Not to toot our own horn, but the options are quite literally… endless. Going for a last-minute grocery run because mom’s gonna lose it if you forget to buy the bread again? Nervous about impressing investors at the office party? Going for a long drive just to clear your head? Surprising your long-distance bae at the airport? Spending some quality time at the family dinner? Or kicking it back with a fun game of table tennis with your buddies? The ReLive Knit Loafers have got you covered for every possible outing!

Why Choose Neeman’s?

At Neeman’s, we aim to revolutionize the footwear industry one step at a time. We prioritize sustainability for the sake of our planet and cherish our ability to provide comfort to our customers, all the while not letting go of our love for fashion. It’s a unique blend of qualities that help us #ChangeTheNorm

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