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Alright, here’s the deal. Everyone loves indulging in things that may be bad for them. Whether that be gorging on 5 slices of pizza or skipping the gym 3rd time this week (we’re all victims of empty promises :/ ) but the consequences of certain series of bad decisions can not only be irreversible but also often too spicy for us mortal beings.

A great (or well, not so great) example would be the state of our planet (we’re in a toxic relationship and it is time to break up). Keeping “subtlety” aside from this conversation, the future looks rather bleak for Earth and we’re afraid humanity is quickly approaching the point of no return. At Neeman’s, we take the destiny of our planet seriously. Not to be party-poopers here (quite the opposite in fact) but when it comes to our lifestyle, changes need to be made and they need to be made now!

 Sustainability and Conscious Choices

The state of our fashion choices might as well be the bane of Earth’s existence and is in dire need of being rescued.

As an environmentally-conscious brand, Neeman’s aims to make sustainability cooler and more accessible. We take great pride in creating products that deliver the quality promised while using sustainable & recycled material efficiently to minimize the damage done to the earth’s resources. Embracing accountability and taking action are our core values and it’s our humble mission to share these values with you.  

Revolution Against Fast Fashion

Say No to Fast Fashion - Neeman's

Much to our disdain, the term ‘fast-fashion’ isn’t just a fun, hep, gen-z lingo that finds its way onto every screen. It's a plague that dictates how we create & consume fashion. Fast fashion makes it possible for trends to emerge every other week, peak for a couple of months, and die out just as soon to the point of being irrelevant the very next day. And boom, there goes your money down the drain, paving the way for the material of barely-worn clothing and shoes to make their way to land-fills. As an environmentally-conscious brand, our core values go against the tenets of fast fashion. Hence we're really not a part of the fast option.

Neemans Shoes Product Demand

High Prices and Affordability

Stepping into the world of sustainability might be a daunting walk, especially because conscious choices can at times seem like beautifully-decorated decisions that may make you trip financially. We’re not planning to go all business school on you but the reason behind sustainable footwear being priced on the higher end can be accredited to the demand & supply concept. Simply put, production is complex, the demand is increasing by the day, but the mainstream market is still oblivious to slow fashion, therefore supply is lower.

The higher prices for sustainable fashion can also be justified by the quality you pay for as these products are specially created to last a lot longer than regular fashionwear, meaning better quality material is used and attention is paid, making the design durable.

How You Can Do Your Part

Recycle and Upcycle shoes

Recycle & Upcycle. The joys of recycling don’t have to stop at the plastic bag full of plastic bags in your mom’s kitchen. You can recycle old clothes or even repurpose them into rags, homemade quilts, or little winter jackets for your companion animals. Donate shoes that you’ve outgrown or simply don’t like wearing anymore and reach out to a shoe-repair specialist technician to make the most out of your kicks! 

Say No to Fast Fashion. Choose Sustainable Shoes

Choose sustainable brands like Neeman’s that are devoted to the earth’s well-being.

Avoid brands that offer trendy, high-fashion clothing at super-cheap prices. They’re THAT affordable for a reason, often at the expense of underpaid factory workers surviving on fractions of minimum wages.

Implore family and friends to join you in the quest for sustainability. Might as well make a fun activity out of it, right?

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