Black Sneakers for All Your Fashion Needs

Halt the turning of the globe! Someone said, “Black is no longer cool”... Ever since the advent of the y2k era, the average millennial has successfully hidden behind the tempting noir hues. Why? Only the fashion gods know. The colour black has been a source of comfort, edge, personality and everything in between for the clothing industry.

It was only a matter of time before the sneakerheads claimed the colour as their own. Everything was super swell for a while… until someone decided bold & poppy colours were the new black! Don’t get us wrong, we love a good lilac or neon tangerine as much as the next person. But, someone has to give black back the respect it deserves. So let it be us!

If you’re one of the lost souls who’ve been fed the lies that your black sneakers no longer deserve the sunlight, try out the following tips on how to style your black sneakers for any occasion:

Pair Them with Neutral Colours

Black naturally goes well with all shades of white, grey and beige. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that an outfit with a healthy balance of one or two of these colours will make you look dapper in your black sneakers.

Wear Them with a Washed-up, Distressed Denim

For a casual outfit, whether you’re going to the movies, on a chill date or just running errands, a simple black t-shirt and some faded distressed denim for bottoms (skirt, shorts, jeans, literally anything, etc.) make for the (dare we say?) perfect outfit when paired with some all black sneakers.

Go All-Black with a Pop of Colour

When you’re just trying to experiment with a bit of colour but don’t want to go too far away from your comfort zone, put together an all-black outfit and introduce a complimentary colour in one of the pieces. Wear some black trousers or jeans with a black cotton t-shirt or a black denim button-down. Put on your black shoes and some black accessories of your choice. Lastly, introduce the coloured element, a jacket in this case. Colours like pink, khaki, tan, and red go great with black. For an ethnic Indian outfit, you could wear a black kurta with black leggings or pyjamas, your black sneakers and introduce some colour with a bright clashing dupatta.

For Coloured Outfits, Match Your Accessories to Black Sneakers

We get it. It’s difficult to completely ice out colours, and you shouldn’t have to. That is the beauty of black; its versatility. So the next time you want to wear a bright pastel matching workout set to hit the gym, just make sure your accessories (fitness bands, water jugs, socks, ear-bud neck bands, etc.) are primarily black. We promise they’ll the whole look together!

Experiment with Textures for an Expressive Look

Nothing screams “confident & bold” like an outfit that people have a hard time figuring out. Did you throw all this together without a thought? Did you take a lot of time putting this together? Is this a statement or just a crazy idea? So, experiment with as many textures as you can. Wear chunky silver jhumkis with a sequin skirt. Add a scarf with feather ruffles and put on some all-black sneakers for a touch of sanity. With a wild #OOTD like the one we just described, a simple pair of black sneakers can be your safe place and a source of comfort and confidence on the days you need them most.

Now, onto more pressing matters… Wondering where to get the perfect pair of Black sneakers from? We’ve got you covered! Check out Neeman’s Wool Classic Sneakers (Coal Black). They’re perfect for both hot & cold weather and provide maximum comfort while you’re out and about. A great option for everyday wear. Though if your black sneakers frequent the gym more than the likes of us, Neeman’s ReLive Knit Sneakers in Hale Black are the pair for you. They’re made with recycled PET bottles. Great for your feet and the planet!

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