Sneakers are Love - #PehnogeTohSamjhoge

This one goes out to all our beloved sneakerheads.

Imagine you go to a party wearing a nice outfit and your favourite pair of sneakers. The party is lit. Your crush is there. The music is fire. And you’re vibing with new friends. There’s free booze and free food! Nothing could go wrong… Right? Seems like we’ll only find out after your sneakers meet the fate of a spilt drink. Oops!

 Such is the story of two friends, Avi and Ashish… A short tale filled with love and anger! Watch the video to find out what unravels over a spilled cocktail. 

Only a true sneakerhead would tell you that it’s much more than a piece of footwear. It’s an emotion, and evidently a reason one would turn on a friend. Can’t relate? Well, #PehnogeTohSamjhoge

At Neeman’s, we offer comfortable, lightweight, and sustainable sneakers in great designs and a wide variety of colours. Who could resist? Try out a pair today and ask a friend to do the same. Maybe they, too,  will understand the extent to which one would go for the love of Sneakers.

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