Plastic bottles get a second chance with ReLive Knits

ReLive Knits, naam to sunna hoga na?

Yeah, ok, we know we are trying to mimic the Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan but if you are a footwear enthusiast, then a shoe made of 100% recycled PET bottles can't go unnoticed.

This one-of-a-kind collection ReLive Knits is the new talk of the town, and we would want to believe it is our limited edition offering.

Wondering why? Well, that's because we used disposed PET bottles thrown around landfills and oceans to craft this particular range. The increased use of plastic waste, over 7-10 million tonnes in India alone, adversely impacts the environment, and it is a concern that requires head-on consideration.

So, we went into top gear and worked on the concept of giving a 360 turn to trash plastic bottles and creating a fabric for the shoes.

Neeman's ReLive Knits

How? We collected the PET bottles, recycled, washed and then shredded them into small flakes. The next step was to melt, cool, and press the chips and form them into long strands of yarn. But to make this into shoes, they had to look swish and elegant. Therefore, we further refined and spun it through a 3D Knitting machine to finally create the upper of the shoe.

End result? The ReLive Knits, a shoe made by reconstructing a toxic material into a non-pollutant by giving it a second chance it deserved.

Neeman's ReLive Knits - a pollutant vs a shoe

What more? This unique collection, available in two styles-Sneakers, and Slip On utilises 8 PET bottles per pair. It is voguish and not only ticks the box of being planet-friendly but is exceptionally soft, lightweight and super comfortable.

It is designed to give you enough room to stretch, feel soft, and be worn all day long, anytime, anywhere.

Neeman's ReLive Knits - made from plastic bottles

Impressive right!

Relive Knits are not just any shoe but footwear on a journey to make a mark while being unconventional. It is set to make a difference to your every step by reducing carbon footprints. It is determined to #changethenorm by taking up the challenge of reducing plastic waste and has so far recycled more than 1 million plastic bottles in this attempt.

ReLive Knits is more than a shoe! Wear to believe it!

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