A Guide to Finding the Perfect Pair of Shoes

Fellow footwear connoisseurs and our dear sneakerheads, we welcome you to the ultimate shoe-finding guide. A wise person once said “Good shoes take you good places” and we couldn’t agree more. Quite often while choosing our footwear, we forget to prioritise what’s important: the right fit. The style, look or affordability of a shoe often takes precedence and that stops today!

Why Must You Find the Right Pair?

Our feet carry around the entire weight of our bodies all day long. That’s a lot of pressure on a relatively small part of your body. Ill-fitting shoes prevent your feet from doing their job. Without appropriate cushioning, you can expect the development of issues like bunions, stress fractures, calluses, etc. and they're quite literally a pain in the… feet. The following tips from renowned orthopaedic surgeons and accredited podiatrists can help you & your feet a great deal.

  • Measure Your Feet - This is an obvious one. Can’t just buy shoes that don’t fit, now can you? Most brands offer size charts for their footwear so when choosing online, make sure to measure the length with a standard inch tape. The easiest way to do so is by tracing a close outline of your foot on a sheet of paper.

Guide to finding perfect shoes - Neeman's

  • Your Shoes Must Fit the Larger Foot - Believe it or not, most of us have one foot larger than the other (sometimes even by as much as a few sizes)! So you’re gonna have to measure both your feet.
  • Measure Them When Your Day Ends - At the end of the day is when your feet are their truest size. Here’s the thing, your feet swell up a bit and then settle some as you go about your day. Measuring them first thing in the morning is not good because the shoes in question might be a tad too uncomfortable after a few hours of walking around.
  • Size isn’t Everything - Sadly, brands are often inconsistent with sizing their footwear so a 7 may fit you in one brand but be too big in another. Be sure to look for reviews that state if the shoe runs large, small or appropriate, or reach out to brands personally to confirm before you make your purchase.
  • The Shape Is Pretty Important - As cool as the super pointy or the squared shoes look, they may not always be the best fit for your feet. Following the natural shape of your feet in your chosen footwear guarantees you improved comfort.
  • Don’t Count on the Stretching - Most of us are guilty of settling for a pair that’s a tad too small, hoping it would stretch a little and become more comfortable over time. Big mistake! Some shoes just aren’t meant to stretch at all and wearing them when they’re too tight is a sure-shot way of cutting off the blood flow to your feet!  And that is why Neeman's has the special Relive Knit mesh fabric that is stretchable and allows your feet to breathe, we definitely can’t expect all sneakers to have this quality!
  • Check the Width and Depth - While measuring your feet, keep in mind how wide your feet are and if the widest part of your foot will fit the widest part of the shoe. Also, make sure that the shoes are deep enough to avoid friction between your toes and the roof (or you could be looking at months of ingrown nails).

Neemans shoes size chart

  • How High Is Too High - For most people when it comes to heel heights, there exists a sweet spot between 1 to 3 inches. Any higher than that, while doable, mostly depends on personal preference. But keep in mind, the lesser the incline, the better the experience.
  • Why Do You Buy - Shoes along with being a fashion statement also primarily serve utility. So figure out your need for the pair. Will you wear them for those walks you don’t take? Are they going to be reserved for dressing outings? This obvious albeit important step will help you narrow down your choices. Considering Neeman's sneakers are versatile that you can accommodate with any major style requirement, be it - work, casual, party or travel!
  • Walk The Walk - Always test them out. Walking around in your shoes to test their comfort is the most effective and important step. So, don’t be shy and try them on if buying the pair in person. And, avoid going for brands that don’t allow returns (in case the shoes don’t fit/aren’t comfortable). Neeman's offers a 7 day exchange policy - it enables you to exchange the sneakers with a better fit.

India's most comfortable sneakers by Neemans

It's common for fashion enthusiasts to see a pretty pair of shoes and want to buy them immediately. And we say, there's nothing wrong with some impulse-shopping. However, what looks beautiful isn't always practical… or comfortable… or even long-lasting. So while we get the plight of our fellow sneakerheads, it might do you some good to take a thorough look through this guide before you pick your next pair.

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