Wool Mules: The Perfect Lounge Shoes For Winter

Tucking your feet under a blanket is one of the best feelings in winter. You could use the warmest, most comfortable quilt in the world and elevate that experience by manifolds just by tucking it under your feet! That being said, getting out of bed is one of the worst feelings in winter. The mere thought of your fresh out-of-the-blanket feet hitting the chill of cold floor is enough to send shivers down the spine. Don't worry. We've got you covered sans the blanket! 

The Wool Mules 

We at Neeman's are excited to launch Wool Mules, the perfect slippers for the stubborn winter. Crafted using certified merino wool, our Wool Mules are the most comfortable footwear for the home and outside. They feel like a second skin, help keep your feet warm and give you a bed-like feeling without one. Their EVA outsole offers excellent grip and traction, making it reasonably easy to walk while wearing them. 

What We Bring To The Table (Cold Floors) 

A perfect blend of comfort and eco-friendly designs, our Wool Mules offer the following features:

  • Unisex: Gender discrimination! We don't do that here! These wool mules can be worn by both men and women alike. Just pick your size and roll with it. 
  • Machine Washable: Unless extremely necessary, who even wants to touch the water in winter? 
  • Comfortable: We can't promise that you won't miss your ex, but you definitely won't miss a blanket while wearing these fabulous wool Mules. Merino wool is known to be exceptionally soft and comfortable to be worn on bare skin whereas regular wool on bare skin may irritate certain skin types.

  • Light: Unlike traditional wool, Merino wool is light and very breathable. You can comfortably walk around in our light feather Wool Mules in your home. 
  • Odor Resistant: The breathability of Merino wool helps keep the feet warm. Even if you sweat, the multipurpose fabric quickly absorbs it without leaving traces of odor. 

What's Life Without Sustainability? Nothing! We've been on the path to lead people to live and shop sustainably since 2018. 

We use EVA to manufacture the outbeds of our slippers. Our Wool Mules are renewable, environment-friendly, comfortable, and, most importantly, the best things you'll lay your hands (feet) on in winter. Don't wait up. Buy a pair today!

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