The time to clean the beach is now!

When we stroll on the beach or walk on the shore, our feet rubs through some form of debris, garbage and plastic bottles. But, sadly, this is not the story of one seaside but several in India. What's worse is that polluted water not only gives a nasty feel but it also has a massive impact on the environment and marine life. The sea animals mistake plastics for their food and die from eating our waste. In case they end by eating microplastics, then we humans too don't get spared as when we eat fish, we too ingest the same debris. 

Hence it has become critical to take a step to keep the beaches clean, and thus, this time, we didn't only want to discuss the problem but work towards a solution. 

So, team Neeman's joined hands with @beachpleaseindia and organized a clean-up drive around the Mithi River in Mumbai. The companies were further supported by 300 young volunteers, who too believed in this cause and committed themselves to turning the polluted beach into a pristine coastline.

For this, people were divided into several groups to cover the whole surface of the beach. Everyone was given oversized bags to collect the waste, which at the end of the day was overflowing with food wrappers, plastic beverage bottles, cigarette butts and containers, plastic straws, and wrappers. The total litter collected was an astonishing 6,000 kgs, and the sight was pretty horrifying!

Thus to the Neeman's crew, all we ask is to participate in this drive towards sustainability and dispose of trash and plastics mindfully. These are our beaches and our responsibility. So, next time when on a picnic by the seaside, be cognizant of carrying an eco-friendly bag or dump the waste in a garbage can. Please don't leave them behind when you go home. Avoid plastic bottles and avoid using straws and food wrappers as they are easily blown away by the marine breeze. Additionally, raise awareness about the harmful effects of causing pollution.

So, let's take a significant step towards cleaning the beach; let's make a move now!

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