ReLive You Sneakers, Designed especially for You!

Has it ever struck you, until now, shoe shopping meant matching footwear to your style?

That's what has always happened. First, you seek numerous available options in the market and then buy the most suitable pair.

But, not anymore!

Welcome to the world of ReLive You, a new line of sneakers designed just for 'You'. This collection is a dedication to every person comfortable in their own skin and living life in an extraordinary way.

Thoughtfully designed, keeping the fundamental personality traits as its highlight is the inspiration behind the design and colour of the ReLive You, a more personal and dapper follow-up to the path-breaking ReLive Knits made with recycled PET Bottles.

These sporty, high-street edge looking sole transporters come in 4 colors: Black, Blue, Grey and Tan, which displays a distinctive tale of the wearer's personality.

Brave The Night

Ccrafted in monochrome shades of black and white, is befitting for the independent souls with a fighting spirit. So, this shade is a true representation of anyone who is tough as a rock and is ready to take life head-on.

Beat The Blues

In cool tones, pays tribute to those of you who remain calm and float through life. Therefore, the unshakable and determined can now express themselves with this pair of shoes.

Embrace The Greys

In a muted shade, alludes to the wisdom and learnings that life brings. Thus, if growing and cherishing every experience is your style of existence, greys are your pair.

Love the Tan

In a brownish hue, is for those who appreciate the new experiences and adventures. Therefore, this style is designed to keep spirited and carefree people at the centre.

There's more. The bold design of these ReLive You blends letters N (denoting Neeman's) and U (the wearer) to create a distinct pattern that connotes the consolidation of the brand with the customers.

Made with recycled PET Bottles, castor bean oil, recycled rubber, and natural material, these lightweights, comfy and flexible wonders, have once again pushed the boundary by bringing a fresh new look and color story.

So make a style statement with ReLive You by picking the best suits your personality! Place your order now.

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“Neeman’s was created out of a craving not just to break the mold but to obliterate it: to say goodbye to average for good and demand a change in the way we wear shoes”

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