Why is Neeman’s making apparel? Here’s why!

Neeman's first ever Apparel Collection

Neeman’s didn’t start off as a business. It started off with a germ of an idea: to sustainably rethink how our everyday shoes are made. The drive was to introduce India to unbelievably comfortable and versatile footwear that doesn’t exact a toll on the environment. Our first-ever pair to launch was designed from sustainably sourced premium Australian Merino Wool that is known for its all-season comfort and durability. That was four years ago. Multiple designs, innovations, and lakhs of satisfied customers later, our foundation and the core of the Neeman’s belief remains the same: sustainability and comfort.

But here’s the thing: we never really could comfortably rest at just footwear, knowing that globally, the fashion industry accounts for a whopping 10% of carbon dioxide emissions (Source: Bloomberg). That’s more than the Co2 emissions of international flights and shipping combined! So, with 4 years of extensive research in sustainable solutions and innovations under our belt, we decided to push the envelope to take our sustainability visions to its natural sequel: Apparel. “It has long been in our peripheral vision to venture into clothing because we are well aware of not only the massive environmental impact of fast fashion but also the dire lack of reliable apparel lines that are consistent in their quality and of course, responsible,” said Amarpreet Singh, our co-founder & COO.

Neeman's Men & Women Tees

That’s how our newly-launched apparel collection, ReLive Polo & Tee came to life, with a vision to make you re-discover your love for everyday fashion, this time more consciously. We borrowed two of the most classic and evergreen styles - the polo and the basic crew neck - and designed them with minimal branding, versatile colors, and the perfect fit.

Neeman's Tshirt

With a similar drive and inspiration of sustainability and comfort guiding us, we ventured into research and development of ReLive Apparel which adheres to multiple tenets of responsible manufacturing. The ReLive Tee is woven from 60% organic cotton and 40% recycled polyester while the ReLive Polo is crafted using 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. The vivid colors of the t-shirts are lent by OEKO-TEX-certified dyes. They were also put through rigorous strength and durability testing carried out over months, and the t-shirts shrunk only ≅4%.

Neeman's Cotton & Polyester Apparel

We set out to not only make a comfortable, all-day wear fashion that will be staples in your wardrobe, but also one that you can proudly say is carbon negative! Yes, carbon negative by 0.5 kgs. How? Because the ReLive apparel is manufactured in a facility that runs on solar and wind energy and where 95% of the water used in the production cycle is treated and reused. Now that’s fashion you’ll be proud to show off.

Neeman's Men & Women Tshirt

“In our pursuit of revolutionizing not just the footwear, but also the apparel industry in India, we recognize that we cannot achieve this ambitious goal alone. We need your vote of confidence and support. By choosing Neeman's and embracing conscious fashion, you become an integral part of our mission to create a more environmentally responsible industry. Together, we can make a significant impact and inspire positive change.

Sustainable & Ecofriendly Polo

Join us on this journey to #ChangeTheNorm, where style and conscience go hand in hand.” -Taranjeet Chhabra, Co-founder & CEO.

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“Neeman’s was created out of a craving not just to break the mold but to obliterate it: to say goodbye to average for good and demand a change in the way we wear shoes”

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