Ease Walk Sneakers


Ease Walk Sneakers

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Ease Walk Sneakers

Rs. 4,199.00
Rs. 2,099.00
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Ease Walk Sneakers

Walk the earth comfortably

Walking is essential to life's rhythm. Whether to meet new people, see new places, have new experiences or just be outside to enjoy some fresh air, we are always walking. So, we crafted a sneaker shoes that breathes life and comfort into every step you take. Lightweight, breathable, cushiony, and moisture-wicking, our easeWALK Sneakers will ensure every destination you walk to is one to remember.

Ease Walk Sneakers

Be ready for a walkers’ high

Walking is the most natural way of moving, and requires shoes that care not just for your feet, but also other essentials. That’s why we padded the easeWALK Sneaker shoes with an energy return insole to minimize the stress on the joints, muscles, and bones by absorbing and springing back impact. The elastic recycled knit upper stretches effortlessly to adjust to your foot's natural shape and extra foam cushioning gives security and stability to the ankles.

Ease Walk Sneakers

For all ‘walks’ of life

Whether you’re someone who’s ritualistic about their morning walks, that friend who insists they walk to every place, a traveler who likes to experience a place on foot or simply want to start walking more, there are as many reasons the easeWALK Sneakers will be the perfect fit for you as there are reasons to walk!

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Nived G Sudarson
Comfortable and good looking

I wanted comfortable shoes to wear to work. Sketchers used to be my first choice. Neeman's shoes seem to provide a similar experience at a much lower price. I know sketcher's have affordable shoes as well, but options provided by Neeman's are much better looking. I have been using this pair only for a few weeks now. So durability and such are a bit out of my scope for me to comment on. I would request Neeman's to try working on footwear similar to clogs that are comfortable and practical to wear in the rain as well. I have tried crocs but they start to skid after a few months of usage. Sketchers used to provide some good options, but they have discontinued those models and I am not really fond of the newer designs they have introduced.

Vaishnav Chandak

Ease Walk Sneakers

Pramod Kumar
Best in class

Look and comfort best

Lakhan Goyal


bijaykumar nayak

Ease Walk Sneakers

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